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No Grain No Pain – Jessica’s Story

Suffering with chronic autoimmune disease, Jessica had severe allergies, asthma, eczema, fungal infections, and overall poor health. She was under the care of 6 different doctors, on multiple medications, and couldn’t keep weight on. She was down to 86 lbs, and some of her doctors accused her of being having bulimia. She followed the No […]

Gluten Intolerance and Migraines – Is There a Connection?

Migraine sufferers commonly visit a doctor and walk away without answers as to the origin of their headache. Instead, they receive a medication to control the pain. The problem is, these medicines can have horrendous side effects, can be addictive, don’t actually solve the cause of the headache. (See the Prescription Pain Trap for more […]

TRUE Gluten Free Diet Testimonial on Migraine Headaches

Hailey’s story is another example of how traditional medicine has failed so many. Her migraines, fatigue, blurry vision, and other symptoms were not resolved with prescription medications. However; going TRUE gluten free along with nutritional supplementation led to complete remission of her symptoms. Thank you Hailey for allowing Gluten Free Society to share your story!

Testimonials for Pets Going Gluten Free…

Many have already found the benefits of a gluten free diet for their pets. “My Cairn Terrier almost died from gluten 2 yrs ago. She started having neurological problems. She was losing muscle and having difficulty walking more than a few steps. When she drank water she would choke and would urinate in her sleep. […]

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