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No Grain No Pain – Pain Mechanisms

Grain Free Diet to avoid these toxins

Inflammation is the Common Denominator in Grain Induced Pain… There are many mechanisms at work that influence grain induced pain and inflammation.  Gluten is just one of many factors and is discussed in greater detail below, but first let’s take a look at this short video that discusses the benefits of a grain free diet […]

Is the Inflammation Caused by Gluten, Grain, or Both?

Grain Free Diet to avoid these toxins

Grainflammation For many, gluten can cause a host of health issues including, leaky gut, chronic inflammation, changes in the healthy bacteria of the GI tract, and autoimmune disease.  However; gluten is really only one of many problems with consuming a grain based diet.  There are many other  chemicals in grain that can contribute to poor […]

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