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COVID vs. Allergies


By now, we are all familiar with the coronavirus. It has had a major impact on not only the health of many in our nation, but on our entire economy as well, cause stress, fear, and in some cases full-on panic. Unfortunately, it happens to be spreading at the same time many are starting to […]

COVID Update


If you haven’t heard of the coronavirus, or Covid-19, by now, you’ve probably been avoiding any television and social media. Everywhere we look we are inundated with new information about how this pandemic is affecting our country and the entire world. For most, it’s creating a lot of fear and uncertainty; however, being knowledgeable of […]

How to Protect Yourself from The Coronavirus Outbreak


When winter comes and many of us are cooped up indoors, it’s no surprise that this is when illness seems to strike the hardest. While we know the flu can be quite rampant, recently we’ve seen the outbreak of another serious and sometimes deadly virus called the Coronavirus. Though these can be scary, there are […]

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