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Histamine Intolerance and Gluten

Food: Histamine-rich foods can cause histamine to build up in the body. In addition, other foods can either release histamine in the body or inhibit DAO production. Bacterial imbalance: Bacterial…

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Gluten Free Diet Plan For Beginners

…be aware that foods prepared by someone other than you, either purchased packaged foods or foods served at a restaurant are subject to cross contamination. Cross contamination can happen when…

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Gluten Free Toothpaste

…are commonly used food additives that are used to increase the “stickiness” that gluten typically gives to foods. They can be used as thickening agents as well, and are common…

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does gluten cause cancer

Does Gluten Cause Cancer?

…are often heavily processed and made with chemical food additives and omega-6 fatty acids that are pro-inflammatory. Plus, researchers have found a 10% increase in ultra-processed foods in the diet…

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Food Sensitivities Testing

Food Sensitivity Test You are unique, and while you may be consuming foods that are traditionally healthy and completely gluten and grain free, they may not necessarily be good for…

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