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No Grain No Pain – Thyroid Function and Nutrition

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  1. thank you. I will need something to take to doctor so he knows what to test for. I am also Hosimoto(spelling may not be correct) Thyroid and Celiac.

  2. Thanks for delivering a simple clear explanation of the complex thyroid story. Our food is not what it used to be and the best stuff is exported or owned by the Chinese who are buying up the farms. I feel afraid for our children. Adequate nutrition is becoming a complicated issue and very often, too difficult to understand, and too hard to do even if you work real consciously at all the little things you”have to do” to stay or become healthy.
    The A2 milk might help, soy seems to be the bad guy now, and who can afford almond or other nut milk.
    ? trying. Cheers. Suz.

  3. Bravo for this thorough information! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 25 years ago, was inadequately treated for five years with only T4 by my very smart academic endocrinologist. It was only then, after reading some old publications in the University medical library, that I ever heard of reverse T3. And I’m a physician, but am one of the 99.9% that know nothing about nutrition.

    By the way, there can be too much of a good thing, like iodine. Apparently too much iodine intake can be associated with hypothyroidism. My hypothyroid symptoms really became florid after trying super bluegreen algae for a few days.

  4. Thank You. I am 79 and on dessicated thuroid 20mg. I will take the tests o do in to him at my next appt. in 6 weeks. Unfortunately he increased my thyroid from 15mg to 20mg today and couldn’t draw more blood because my insurance won’t cover it until the next vs next month.

  5. Great informative video. Thank you so much. Newly diagnosed gluten sensitivity but low TSH with normal T3 and T4. Waiting 3/12 to have review blood test. Will mention the RT3 test to my GP.

  6. i am reading your book and i wish i had you for my doctor my son is special needs and is having dizzy spells headaches and other issues and no doctor can find out what is causing his problem . Worried mother

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