One thought on “No Grain No Pain – HIIT

  1. Leah Lockhart says:

    How would you recommend scaling this type of exercise for someone who has weaker than normal adrenal glands. I crashed with severe adrenal fatigue 4 1/2 years ago and I’m a lot better now but I can still tell that I’m not where I used to be physically and I admit I’m a little nervous about anything remotely cardio. I’m 49, 5′ 41/2″, weigh 137 lbs. and am a mesomorph. I have read your book and have been grain free for over a month now(and still continuing). I was gluten free already but now that I’m grain free my chronic pain is much less. Thank you for your work! I am ready to start this exercise program to enhance my healing. I always loved to exercise when I was younger but like I said am a bit tentative. I’d appreciate any advice you can give me.

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