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Need Help Kicking the Sugar Habit?

Most Have a Sugar Problem

The overwhelming majority of you who took the sugar addiction quiz have an issue with sugar. The results are below. For those of you who need help with eliminating sugar, my friend and sugar addiction expert, Samantha Taylor, has put together a program that is designed to help you eradicate this health destroying habit. You can take advantage of it here <<< If you missed the interview with Samantha, you can check it out here <<<

Sugar Addiction Quiz Results

1) Do you have sugar daily or at least every other day? (cookies, pastries, chocolate, candy, etc.) 89% 2) Do you often think you will feel better indulging and afterwards you feel worse? 75% 3) Did it stir up any emotions or cravings in you when you saw the picture of the desserts at the top of this page? 65% 4) Do you have a hard time resisting dessert when it’s offered to you or when you are at restaurants? 59% 5) Do you eat too much sugar to the point of feeling sick? 45% 6) When you eat sugar does it make you want more of it? 82% 7) Do you have a hard time stopping at a small serving, like 2 cookies instead of 4 to 10? 76% 8) Do you over eat sugar when you eat it, like go off the “deep end” and eat lots of it? 61% 9) When you eat sugar, does it seem like it’s beyond your control? You feel like you “have” to eat it? 66% 10) Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar and couldn’t stay off it? 74% 11) Do you hide sugar from family or friends so they don’t know you are eating it? 40% 12) Do you feel an impulse to eat it when you see it, like you have to eat it and its drawing you to it? 64% 13) Does it feel like it’s never enough…. you eat it once and you want it over and over again? 60% 14) Do you feel ashamed or guilty when you indulge in sugar? 72% 15) Do you often tell yourself this is the “last time” I am doing this and tend to over eat because you “thought” it was the last time? 66% 16) Are you tired a lot? 84% 17) How many years have you struggled with this sugar issue? ANSWER: 10 Years to most of your whole life 81%
  1. Interesting so tying this into the fact that the average sugar addict spends on sugar $5 a day, that means that:
  2. 81% of this list, have each physically spent over $18,000 on their sugar addiction, they are being ROBBED!!!! Not only of their money and their health!
18) How bad on a scale of 1 to 10 would you rate your Sugar Addiction? 10 being the worst. 36% say a 10, 78% say 5 or above

Need More Help With Sugar?

Check out sugar addiction expert, Samantha Taylor’s program here <<<    

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