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Gluten Free Detox

The Gluten Free Detox

In this short segment from the Gluten Free Detox, Dr. Osborne discusses how those with gluten sensitivity are at greatly increased risk for the development of multiple chemical sensitivities, acquired food allergies, leaky gut, molecular mimicry and subsequently, the development of autoimmune diseases. This combination of factors is known as the Gluten Toxicity Pathway…

How Does One Detoxify, Repair, and Recover After Years of Gluten Exposure?

In the next few weeks, I will be discussing more and more about the ins and outs of the Gluten Free Detox Program, and how you can accelerate your healing progress by applying certain fundamental principles of detoxification.

More About the Detox Meeting…

Dr. OsborneIf you have never been to a Gluten Free Society meeting, then you are sorely missing out. Many support groups are nothing more than a group of people getting together sharing genetically modified, highly processed, sugar loaded gluten free foods. Our meetings are full of positive, uplifting people who bring home made dishes and recipes. My clinic donated more than $3000 dollars worth of door prizes away to those who attended. The picture to the left was one of the grand prize winners who received a free vitamin and mineral analysis blood test. In total, I gave away 2 of these as well as a comprehensive food allergy test, bottles of Max Digest, and several Gluten Free Warrior shirts. The goal of every meeting is to help newly diagnosed gluten sensitive people find the help and support they need. No one is turned away for not having celiac disease, because we recognize that gluten can damage people in many ways and celiac disease is only one of them. We discussed how gluten combines with other environmental toxins to contribute to multiple types of disease and prevents those going gluten free from fully recovering. One of the most overlooked sources of environmental toxins is water, and Tony and Crystal (see the picture to the left), from WaterShield were there to help educate attendees about the importance of the right type of water filtration. They gave away a $600 dollar reverse osmosis and GAC water filter! Thanks WaterShield! Bottom line: The food was great, the people were great, the information was life changing, and we had a fantastic time! If you missed the meeting and want to come the next one, drop your name and email below and we will keep you updated. All the best, Dr. O    

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