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Celiac Disease Awareness Month Is Official in California

Good news in California for the celiac community this week! A new resolution was introduced and passed recognizing May as celiac disease awareness month. The author of the legislation, Senator Bob Huff, had this to say…
“I’m grateful for the bipartisan support I received on this very important measure as we work to reduce the number of Celiac Disease cases that go undiagnosed,” said Senator Huff. “Designating May 2011 as Celiac Disease Awareness Month will help promote a greater awareness of this serious disease.”
So the movement marches on. The world continues to embrace the concept of gluten sensitivity. 10 years ago, it was “gluten??? what’s that?” Today it is a common house hold term. We have seen the topic on Oprah, The View, Dr. Oz, and much, much more. Gluten free is a billion dollar industry. Businesses across the country are popping up all over to support the gluten free community. What was once considered a trivial and rare disease is finally receiving the attention it so justly deserves and needs. Thank you California and Senator Huff for taking greater steps to ensure that the recognition of gluten induced diseases is spread to a larger audience! As always, I will continue to do my part in promoting awareness. You can watch this recent interview clip I did with Dr. Alessio Fasano (head of research at the Celiac Research Facility in Maryland). He discusses just how common the condition is…

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