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How Healthcare Will Impact The Chronically Ill

We live in a world where healthcare is foremost in our thoughts. With the passage of the new affordable care act, millions of Americans will gain access to “free care”. Now I am not writing this article to debate the merits of the new law. I am writing on behalf of chronically sick people all […]

Medical Schools Get a Failing Grade in Nutrition…

& Gluten is a Nutritional Problem One of the biggest problems facing those with gluten related issues is doctors. For years, doctors have dismissed gluten sensitivity and other food allergies as a potential health problem for those suffering with disease. It is the proverbial 8,000 pound gorilla in the room. Everyone knows it, many ignore […]

Muscle Twitches and Spasms? Is Gluten Sensitivity Connected?

A new report recently published in The Journal of Neurological Sciences recommends considering the diagnosis of gluten sensitivity in patients that present with propriospinal myoclonus (PSM). PSM is a movement disorders of the muscles characterized by twitching and jerking muscles indicating that gluten sensitivity should be considered in the differential diagnosis of PSM such that […]

Why are Some Doctors Scared of Gluten Sensitivity?

Gluten Sensitivity – Does it Exist? A recent paper was published based on an interview done with Dr. Stefano Guandalini of the University of Chicago Celiac Research Center. The article stated that gluten sensitivity is not a real issue, and that most people going gluten free are simply following a public trend. The article states […]

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