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Welcome to the web’s most authoritative site dedicated to helping people identify and deal with gluten sensitivity.

Our mission is to

  1. Educate the world about the broad reaching nature of gluten on human health and wellness
  2. Provide easy to use, non invasive tools to help identify those who are gluten sensitive – including genetic testing.
  3. Provide the instruction through video, audio, and written tutorials for those trying to embark on a TRUE gluten free lifestyle
  4. Provide healthy resources for those with gluten intolerance/sensitivity
  5. Support research endeavors revolving around grains, gluten, lectins, and other compounds within grain that may harm human health
  6. Provide an ongoing analysis and commentary of research performed in the field of food sensitivity/intolerance.
  7. Help those with gluten induced diseases re-establish their health without having to go through what Ginger went through (see below)


The origin of our dedication to the gluten free community..

Little Ginger was only nine years old when her mother took her to see Dr. Peter Osborne. You see, she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Ginger’s case was so bad that doctors didn’t know if she would make it. Because of this, the Make-A-Wish Foundation actually stepped in and granted Ginger and her family a wish (A trip to go whale watching in Alaska)

Ginger’s condition racked her body with headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, indigestion, and stomach pain. She had been suffering since her introduction to normal foods at 20 months of age. She was in and out of the hospital so frequently that she had to have a permanent stent placed in her arm so that when she was hospitalized, it would be easier to give her an IV

Imagine going through years of hospital trips, doctors visits, and horrible pain all before you reach the age of 10. This was Ginger’s story until her mother brought her into Dr. Osborne’s office. After an extensive exam and laboratory testing, Ginger was found to have non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Today, Ginger is gluten free and very much alive. She no longer has a plastic stent in her arm. She is growing normally. She doesn’t need to take medications to treat her painful symptoms. She is active in volleyball, and he has a new lease on life

Ginger is alive today because she is gluten free. Does this sound like a diet trend

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