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Vaccine For Celiac Disease…Would You Get One?

Researchers are looking to develop a vaccine for patients with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The vaccine would supposedly allow the return of gluten to the diet. Does this sound like insanity to anyone else? Gluten sensitivity is a genetic issue. The body does not want gluten and people have an immune reaction as a result of exposure. Does it make sense to ignore the wisdom of your body so that you can return to foods that are unhealthy and make you sick? So here is the breakdown: The vaccination will target the immune response to gluten. Several considerations are being left out:
  1. Some people have indirect immune responses to gluten.
  2. Some people do not digest gluten. This lack of digestion causes gut fermentation, dysbiosis, and can lead to leaky gut syndrome. No vaccine will address this issue.
  3. There are thousands of gluten proteins. If we use the flu vaccine as an analogy, how can we be sure that a vaccine for gluten will address all of the potential toxic gluten peptides?
  4. Gluten causes the gut to increase zonulin production. This non immune response causes leaky gut, brain, skin, and lungs.
It is fantastic that these researchers are studying gluten more diligently. Just don’t hold your breath for a medical cure. The cure is the prevention. Don’t eat gluten, don’t get sick.

What do you think? Would you get vaccinated? Share your thoughts below…

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  1. Yes, but… I would get it, but I would still continue to eat Gluten free. It would just be an extra step for me to make sure gluten doesnt kill me. I would think maybe I could be a little less careful as far as cross contamination like eating a salad in a pizza place, I would never eat the actual pizza but if some crumb got into my salad i wouldnt be as worried.

  2. I would love a vaccine so I could eat french bread again and just be able to pop into a chinese takeaway and order anything I want

  3. Yes, but, also, still eat gluten free, but there are always those cases where you are not aware that something has been contaminated by gluten. My dad was gluten intolerant but never knew it. I figured it out. As a result, of eating gluten, he developed pernicious anemia. A vaccine would have been nice for someone like him that was dyed in the wool gluten eater and didn’t understand anything about these type of health issues we know about now.

  4. I would have to say pass…. science and messing with the immune system using vaccines. That sounds like a zombie movie to me. I think i will pass on that one.

  5. You won’t find me in that line. I know a GF diet works and it eliminates ALL the proteins in wheat. I really don’t think there is anything healthy about wheat and other grains. I think I will stick to my primal-like diet with a goal of optimal health.

    I am also leery about new treatments. Adverse effects are often not known for many years. The newest example is Avandia. This is a medication for diabetes that has been found to raise the risk of stroke and heart attack. Europe has eliminated it but the FDA decided to allow its continued use with a warning.

  6. I would get the vaccine. A grain free diet is practically impossible and definitely not practical, with a young family and both spouses working and commuting.

  7. when the pharma companies get involved then we know it’s a big issue where big bucks can be made. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Firstly the good thing. The general public will be made more aware of how many people could be suffering from gluten issues and the frauds who are trying to sell us gluten free food and drink might get a better education what actually is gluten free and not what they think it is. More and better information from doctors would be available and the health insurance providers might even understand that gluten is a serious health issue.
    The bad thing of course, yet another trick from the pharma mafia persuading us that such a vaccine will solve all our gluten problems and unfortunately there are more than enough gullable souls out there that will take it. Great excuse for those fast food junkies to carry on killing themselves.

  8. My daughters and I discussed this, as we struggle with the aftermath of cross contamination every time we go away or just eat out of our houses. We would need to know that the ingredients in the vaccine would not harm the immune system or other systems as some of the stretching ingredients seem to, then we would get it so that when we are cross contaminated the side effects are not so difficult.

  9. I am not a huge fan of vaccines because I don’t think one vaccine fits all but I do believe that the only reason why those who choose not to get vaccinated do not get more sick is because the rest of the country is vaccinated. If you went to a third world nation you would want a vaccine. Also, if we did not have vaccines certain diseases like polio would still be an issue. I think it is because we are a more international society with people coming into and leaving the US every day that we are seeing diseases pop up that had previously been eliminated.

  10. NO WAY, would I take this or any other vaccine out there. I have seen what vaccines do to the body. My friend just told me her friend’s mom just died after get the new flu shot out there. NO THANKS!

  11. NO! that is crazy i would never get a vaccine for gluten intolerance. If you are intolerant your body obviously was not meant ot have that. I would not go against what inherently what my body needs. horrible! the vaccine makers are just thinking of more and more ways to bring in the sweet dollar into their pockets!

  12. Man has genetically modified so many things originally created by God that could be the cause of many of our medical crisis’ we are facing today!!! I do NOT believe further modification is going to help anyone live longer…. What’s the reason people are sicker today with more issues than ever before? Hmmmm, Trust the FDA or what God created and what is natural? The answer is obvious! I’ll pass on artificial and genetically modified!

  13. Well… if it is PART of a whole treatment PLAN I think it’s a valid approach, but it would be up to the administers of the vaccine to ensure that they get INFORMED CONSENT from the recipients PRIOR to administration, so that people understand what the vaccine does NOT do, as well as its inherent risks.

    As for lifetime avoidance of gluten, that’s a nice theory, but unless you completely extract yourself from social engagements in the US and only eat whole fresh foods, the chances of accidental ingestion are extremely high, even with best efforts by all parties involved. Part of that is due to lack of proper education of those preparing the food; but part of it is because the FDA doesn’t require clear identification of any and all source of gluten in all nutrition labels.

    As to what God created and is natural: we have sterilized our way into immune problems as a society. This is another example. There is one species of hook worm that is virtually non-existent in western societies, and it resides in the gut (and ONLY in the gut) of the host…and guess what it does? It breaks down gluten into 3 peptides that do NOT trigger Celiac response to gluten. There was a recent medical trial in which the Celiac participants received this hook worm, ate whatever they wanted, and were symptom-free by the “gold standard” tests. Google it. Get informed.

  14. I would, and maybe try VERY carefully and slowly introducing gluten afterwards and see how it would go. However, being unaware to the potential side effects, I would have to research this before I would be comfortable. If it’s based on parasite byproducts and acids, as has recently been under research, and assuming there’s no risk of parasitic infection, and all other potential interactions were of minimal worry, then yes, I would get the immunization.

    With minimal risk, and potential gain, I would definitely be cautiously interested.

  15. I am glad to see they are at least taking us seriously enough to work on a solution. I would NOT have it because I do not feel it would help. They will have to do alot more testing before I would agree and then I probably would stay on my gluten free diet as I go into anaphylactic shock as well as all the fun stomach pain.

  16. I would take it. If it meant I could go out with friends and enjoy myself, yes. I spend Holidays alone because I can’t eat the food there. Yes a solution is to take food but to spend a day with someone, How much am I supposed to take? If they are cooking a holiday meal, it is hard for me to try to make something and be in their way.

  17. Definitely Not!!! I am not about putting something into my body that I was not born with unless it is a life or death situation. Eating gluten is not a necessity. You can, and probably should, live without it…especially if you are truly celiac or gluten intolerant. Vaccinations, antiobiotics, and prescription medications have become “A WAY OF LIFE”…especially in America. Everyone is always looking for a quick fix so that they can continue living a life that they are used to living. Make the changes and not only will you see a difference in your GI system, but in your over all well-being.

    So here’s a question…if they made a vaccine that made cigarettes safe to eat….would you start smoking? Why put something that is toxic to your body in your body just because the FDA deems it safe??!!

    Make the changes in your diet the “WAY OF LIFE” and you will see that it’s a lot easier than you think. There are so many easy and delicious foods out there that don’t require you receiving a vaccine in order to eat them…..they are called foods that naturally grow in nature.

    I’m sorry….I get very passionate about nutrition and believe that food is our medicine…..we don’t need all the other stuff…..

    Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

  18. I would definitely get it. Vaccines are one of the best things that have happened in medicine. They allow the immune system to handle things that it might either miss or over react to otherwise. I would continue to be careful, but I would eat out with more confidence that the sauce really is gluten free. Currently I live in China and there is no confidence that anything I eat in public is gluten free. When I return to my American bubble it will be easier, but a vaccine will probably make me healthier by keeping my immune system from reacting to small exposures.

  19. No way!!! My immune system has all sorts of problems and there’s no way for me or anyone else to know how many of them are caused by gluten. I would NEVER trust that a vaccine would take care of all, or even any, aspects of eating gluten.

  20. I would definitly take the vaccine. You people only have one life to live so you’d better make it the best you can instead of doing something you’ll regret your entire life. If you GF people don’t want to take it then thats fine. You only have one life, that’s all and no second chances. If they make the vaccine with no side-effects whatsoever, then there will be no worries taking the vaccine. PEACE ;D

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