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Vaccine For Celiac Disease…Would You Get One?

Researchers are looking to develop a vaccine for patients with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The vaccine would supposedly allow the return of gluten to the diet. Does this sound like insanity to anyone else? Gluten sensitivity is a genetic issue. The body does not want gluten and people have an immune reaction as a result of exposure. Does it make sense to ignore the wisdom of your body so that you can return to foods that are unhealthy and make you sick? So here is the breakdown: The vaccination will target the immune response to gluten. Several considerations are being left out:
  1. Some people have indirect immune responses to gluten.
  2. Some people do not digest gluten. This lack of digestion causes gut fermentation, dysbiosis, and can lead to leaky gut syndrome. No vaccine will address this issue.
  3. There are thousands of gluten proteins. If we use the flu vaccine as an analogy, how can we be sure that a vaccine for gluten will address all of the potential toxic gluten peptides?
  4. Gluten causes the gut to increase zonulin production. This non immune response causes leaky gut, brain, skin, and lungs.
It is fantastic that these researchers are studying gluten more diligently. Just don’t hold your breath for a medical cure. The cure is the prevention. Don’t eat gluten, don’t get sick.

What do you think? Would you get vaccinated? Share your thoughts below…

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