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    Man, sorry you have so much going on. Do you take vitamins? I know I feel better when I stay on top of that. I believe D is really important because it is malabsorbed when we have gut issues. I’ve found that I really have to take everything, but I believe that’s my liver disease. Even my mainstream gastro gets upset with me when I say I forgot…So I guess it’s important. All the fat soluble ones are the worst for malabsorption I think- A D E K.

    That may not help you at all, but at the very least a really good multi couldn’t hurt! Good luck!


    I don’t know if the move is still going on, but I am having very slow load times. Everything does come up, but it’s noticeably slower here than other sites (I click a link here and go surf on another machine while it loads).

    Just thought I’d put that out there! 🙂


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    I don’t have an answer for you about the labs. Sorry. I was just curious, what are the ELIZA tests?

    I found my heartburn- I have had really bad GERD for a while now- got much better after removing gluten. It make just take a while, or you’re right, there may be more testing needed to see what else might be causing your episodes.

    I also found I get very tired. Well, I have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis- an Autoimmune liver disease, that is known for making people VERY tired. But despite that, I found that when I increased my fats, I felt much better. And also when I take my vitamins! I increased my fats with real butter and heavy cream in my coffee (though I see you have a problem with dairy). But also I use lots of coconut oil, olive oil, and I eat nuts and full fat meat (meaning I don’t trim the fat off). These things seem to have helped with my fatigue. It seems like everyone nowadays is scared of fat, but it’s actually essential- especially when you’ve had to cutout so many other things from your diet.

    Anyway, just thought I’d share my thoughts on that. Good luck! I hope you get more answers for the testing!


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    It’s those small drops that I am worried about for both me and my daughter. I’ve already seen people kind of roll their eyes a bit because I worry about the ‘caramel coloring’ in the balsamic vinegar or the ‘natural flavors’ in just about everything. But, IMO, I can cut out all the obvious stuff and all those ‘little things’ could still add up to a lot of drops in my bucket! So I definitely look for all those hidden things as well.

    I’ve also had people talk to me like I’m abusing my daughter for removing cheerios from her diet. Or ‘can’t she just have a cupcake’? Or worried that she can’t ‘even have a PB&J/Pizza/Cookies any more’! Um, I am actually coming to the conclusion that people are hurting their children by giving these things to their kids! And my daughter eats very well- let’s see last night dinner was sauteed (in a little organic coconut oil with organic herbs) wild caught shrimp with sliced avocado and some organic sun dried figs for ‘dessert’. Yea, she’s totally feeling deprived Smile

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    Thank you for the soap tip! I do indeed have many skin issues/rashes popping up…I will definitely try playing with all the detergents, etc.

    And, if only you had been quicker- Or I was slower…I did post a comment about the corn, etc gluten before I saw what you said…So we’ll see if I get a lashing. It was actually an old post I just stumbled on, so maybe no one else is reading it 🙂

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    Wow! That’s so great that you and your wife are so much better! I’m praying for miracles with this too. I REALLY don’t want to lose my liver, so I’m definitely going 100% in with this. My only symptom is a silent one, so I won’t know for sure if it’s helping without regular liver tests. (That’s not completely true I guess, I also have a skin auto immune disease, I suppose if that’s doing better, then maybe I can extrapolate that out to my liver as well…)

    I also just saw, on another blog, people using those test strips. I went the the strips’ website, and yep, they only test for wheat, rye, barley and oats. WHAT? That’s giving people basically false information. Saying something is safe, when in fact, it probably isn’t! It said things like junky, colored, sugar laden made of corn and rice breakfast cereal was safe! WHAT??? That is so far from safe, not even just on the gluten point of view…Just stinks to see that kind of stuff.

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    I totally agree and intend to still strive for a grain free existence. Mine is a littler hard to gauge as I don’t have a real ‘reaction’ to gluten. My body has just decided to attack itself because of it- like a silent war has been waged against me and I AM the enemy! It’s crazy! And I had just gone for a standard blood work up thinking I was fine and whining about it being a waste of time and money but doing it anyway because I hadn’t had it done in like 7 years or more…Oh my, I had no idea I was falling apart all around me.

    Anyway- I had just felt a little bit like I felt in statistics class. The theme was always- you can make numbers do whatever you want and make charts look however you want by changing the scale, etc. People say ‘numbers don’t lie’, but they CAN be really deceptive! Like how they were compared like apples to apples- 69% to 55%. But really that’s not the complete picture.

    I do think that corn needs to go- at least as much I can get out- maybe then, the hidden stuff I don’t catch, like what’s in my shampoo or what not won’t kill me. I just felt like the difference of the 2 should be pointed out. And I totally get the the gluten in any grain can affect different people differently. So maybe even that tiny amount of rice gluten would result in negative effects for some people and not for others, and so on. I, personally, have no idea what affects me and what doesn’t- so I am removing it all! 🙂

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