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    “With everything I’ve researched, studied, read, and wondered about-removing gluten as the first step to a new foundation seems to make sense. I feel that once we do our best to remove the main identified irritant (gluten) and heal our damaged bowels, our bodies will be better able to cope and tolerate other foods that we are now sensitive too. I am hopeful.”

    You sound like you coped with gluten the way I did. I kept doing what I knew diet wise. Some intolerances I figured out. I cut the families sweets way back. We turned to natural, organic foods, and generally don’t eat like Americans. I also studied very hard to overcome my intense fatigue.

    My chiropractor thought if I cut out gluten that my body could heal up and tolerate some of my problem foods. As far as she and I are concerned, you can have hope like that!I still am in the heal up stage myself, but it seems to be working!



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    The blood tests are helpful, but my chiro told me that they are proved or disproved by experience. There is some subjectivity involved and mistakes can be made. I try everything not tested (and not commonly eaten by me) that I can. I added lamb and bison to my diet for variety. I also vary my fish selections. To make the rotational diet work, I needed atleast 4 different proteins. The test looks for antibodies (The body fighting off an out of place food). If you have not eaten it or something like it, you must not have antibodies to it.

    I got a virus. It doesn’t seem to be hitting as hard as the last one. Maybe I have found the secret now?

    I eat things I am modereatly intolerant of. I admit that buckwheat was the only one considered moderate. The main point, I was told, was not to eat it more often than every 4 days. Our tests were different though.

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    I have bites of fruit rather than a whole bunch. I hope I can get by that way. I would pick another protein at breafast then. Maybe beef, I would maybe get a really little crock pot and turn it on overnight. If you can tolerate them you could put in Basil, fennel, and/or oregano for a sausage like product. I am a firm believer in protein for every meal. One could have cheese or yougart, but I mention it last since I cannot tolerate them. I suspect you cannot either.

    I try to get as much variety as I can. Therefore I eat veges and fruit which I wasn’t tested on as much as possible. When I go to the store I search out and eat an unusal one for me. Then I can eat it for 24 hours and not worry about the 4 day rotation of it. I am considering if I haven’t eaten it, or its family, I don’t have antibodies for it.

    Buckwheat was my most reactive food. I found out it is the same family as rhubarb, so you would not have to eat it specifically to have antibodies. I was eating cross contaminated buckwheat, quite frequently, at the time. I have since found some to grind my own. Since I am much improved, I think it is working.

    I had only low level of antibodies to everything in my diet. The exception buckwheat at the time. My scoring system was between 1-5. 5 being the harshest. My top, buckwheat, was 3. Crab was 2 and everything else in my diet was 1.
    The rotational diet allows me all of these things, but only every forth day.

    Did you get a rotational diet plan with your testing? It might have some ideas. I know I had to make substitutions with mine, because they didn’t know what I was not eating . For example wheat was suggested every forth day. (OOPS) I knew better anyway.

    I am very careful with all sweeteners. I don’t know that I have yeast problems now, but when I went grain free I smelled a yeast smell on my skin, I use small amounts of honey or agave in my baking. I tend toward hypoglycemia, so have been careful with sugar a very long time. I used liquid stevia until I learned mine was contaminated with wheat. I am surely losing pleasure in anything processed without me.

    I only have to make 9 more posts to top Jackie, the 2nd highest poster. Where are all these people?

    All better, I hope.


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    My current breakfast plan is poached eggs daily. Egg antibodies were not detected on my tests, although I have been eating them for 5 years daily. My back up plan, if eggs becme a problem, is boiled fish. I would vary the kind of fish.

    Along with this I have either a wrap, muffin, or pancake, abd a small amount of fresh fruit. The muffins are made with either buckwheat, almond, cocunut, hazlenut, or bean flour. I try to have good fat with that, either butter (ghee), coconut oil, or olive oil.

    I eat things that I have intolerances to. I did not have allergies to them, I guess. I have them only once every four days. I try to not eat anything more frequently, but things I had been eating freely, and had no antibodies for, I am freer with.

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    I did a blood test for intolerances. It was an Elisa test. I already knew that I should avoid dairy, wheat, and fermented things. In brief I was intolerant to 49/60 things tested. 11 things I didn’t have antibodies for. I couldn’t avoid all of those foods and began a rotational diet. This diet really did seem to help. It was hard to get into it, but now I have a 2 month plan which I can use over and over.

    My chiro and I could not answer my questions about the test. Maybe if I get a celiac specialist on my case, they will be able to explain it. Meanwhile, I am feeling like I am improving, so I can wait for the next cliff fall off before consulting a specialist.

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    I am glad you aren’t going to give up. I am glad to be able to help.

    I have been trying to fix my health for 30 years. My main symptom was fatigue, but looking back I realize it was much more. 20 years back I was home schooling from the couch. I got rescued by chiro’s supplements, but later quit. Five years back I would fall asleep between words on a spelling test!

    Actually, Five years back, I was dying. I got on supplements (Chiropractor recommended) that lowered my high blood presure and stopped my pulse from dropping into the basement when I stood up. I think these supplements helped me to tread water. BUT we didn’t know about the celiac. I have no family history of celiac, so it was a surprise.

    My chiro asked a couple of times if I was still eating gluten. Then I looked into gluten stuff. Gasp, maybe this is it! I thought. I went traditional gluten free and soon realized I was reacting with dizziness and bloating when barley was in the room. I went through withdrawl symptoms which included fatigue, depression, and irritabitlity. I thought it would be good to have some testing, but discovered you can’t be on a gluten free diet when you have a blood test. I decided the genetic test was for me. My positive results came back with helpful information about Grain free, (About 6 months back) so decided to go that stringent for a while. I began a new batch of withdrawl. I found myself reacting to airborne rice being cooked on the stove. I am not planning to go back to grain anymore.

    My husband supports me financially. He has allowed me to change diet over the years. He has started our organic farm and gardening. He still can’t relate to my lack of physical energy. The guy feels invigorated after weeding the raspberries for hours! He just excerts himself as much as desired. I plan things like how to get my refrig at a level that I can reach it easy. How to reduce the number of steps in any physcial activity. When I say my husband is on board to some degree he is. I still long for extra support because of the hardships I am going through. A mother has to do her job even when she is sick.

    ONe does have to keep in mind what the husband does, do, rather than what they are not doing. I have trouble with that. It was atleast a couple of months after gluten free before he told me he now believed that I had a gluten problem. He admitted that he didn’t know really how serious it was. He doesn’t understand that yet. For my part I wouldn’t want to live with me.

    I have 6 children living at home. Most are genetically related and they certainly have the genetics for celiac. Some are starting to notice that acne occurs when they eat out. My youngest children help care for me. They ask if I should be eating this or that today. Caution me from mistakes! They also don’t mind my gluten free cooking and actually like it. My eldest daughter recently helped me to make a rotational diet schedule. At first I didn’t think most of my family could eat gluten free foods. Now, I get some help with it. I would insert smiley, but I can’t.

    Okay, Roberta, this isn’t the most private contact method, but it has the potential to help others at the same time! Anyone is welcome to have their say if they wish.


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    One lady told me that she set up herself a seperate kitchen. This can be done with skillets, crock pot, and hot plates. “Counters” can be made from folding tables. A small refrigerator can be placed there. A large pot can be used for washing dishes. I set up in many different hotel rooms and make it work. Maybe you can buy the peace this way and help keep yourself healthy.

    I started bloating 30 or so years back when I was 19 after a bout with Mono. I thought maybe I was just putting on some weight.

    I also have family who won’t listen inspite of symptoms and the genetic tests. However, I was told to hang in there, if they see improvement in you, they may begin to listen.

    Thanks, I am feeling very well–very well.

    I also ha

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    All of the ingredients you mentioned are grains (except potatoes) and I found out even a little bit is not tolerated. I am avoiding potatoes also, but you may not have to. I stand in the store and read labels. Most of them will not work. I also have some supplements which I get from my chiropractor. I have to scrutinize the ingredients there also. I have been ordering some of my supplements from Dr. Osborne. I order them online. I know there should be no grain in them. I still have to read labels.

    I hope you do find good supplements as supplements saved my life.

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    “This has been my life, consuming it, for the past yr. My husband doesn’t help, since he believes that “a couple of crumbs won’t kill me”. Of course I know I am more than likely getting cross-contaminated by him. I can’t get him to realize that I am doing the best I can but that he could be keeping me sick. I have told him that I don’t know if it is what I am eating or what I am being cross-contaminated with that is keeping me sick. He doesn’t want to hear it, if it means he has to change anything. Stress is a huge factor in all this, which I have been to counseling to learn to reduce this.”

    Oh, so sorry. My husband doesn’t seem to really get it either. He isn’t unloving just uninformed and unwilling to study it for himself. He did accept that I have a problem with gluten. We don’t cook it in the house anymore. He tolerates allowances for it, but he is not happy about it. I am not the gladdest “volunteer” in the world either. I feel like I need a guy doctor to call him up and instruct him. Sometimes he decides to really support me emotionally and then I can soar. Hopefully, it will all work out. The Celiac diagnosis wasn’t on the marriage contract it was a surprise!

    Your life “consuming you” for the last year. I hope you are going to fly now! I have been at the “health race” for much longer. There are so many things to try. Keep on keeping on. I just quit buying grains since I do most of the shopping. I was reacting to stuff airborne, so what choice did I have?

    I guess I need to check this forum more often, I am working my way up with my number of posts and only need 16 more to catch the next highest poster!


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    I am sorry you all have suffered like this. However, I am excited to see how your daughter will progress.

    I am about 6 months grain free. I have my ups and downs, but generally my foggy fatigue is gone. I am getting better.

    I expect your daughter will get better too. I thank you for your care for her. There are many things to help.

    I do the following:
    Avoid or rotate intolerances
    Take supplements
    Be active and do excercise.
    Organic garden
    Mold-Free home
    Sunshine (but in MN winter that isn’t always so much)
    No major sweets
    Cook from scratch

    I had 30 years of bloating and symptoms in order to incorporate so many of these things into my lifestyle. I just present them as ideas to try as you go.


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    I got tested for food intolerancea and 11/60 of the things I had been eating I was intolerant to. I began a rotational diet. I eat things I am “intolerant” to, but only every 4 days. This really seems to be helping.

    I hope this helps,


    “I would rather do all this through proper eating and nutrition than prescriptions. “

    Good! I assume you checked the expiration date on the drug? Did you check if it has gluten?

    I wonder if there is an herb to help quit smoking.

    What are the symptoms of withdrawl from cigarettes? My withdrawl symptoms from gluten seemed to cause irritability and fatigue. I wouldn’t be surprised if cigarette withdrawl includes those.

    Keep on trecking down the road and perhaps give us an update.


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    My chiropractor ordered mine. I think my MD would have been willing to sign for it also, but her lab could not do it. I think Dr. Osborne would be able to do it too if you can find nobody else.

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    I am so happy to see people caring for loved ones in this way. You are in the position of being able to make quite a difference in their life and your own.

    I hope they will be well soon.


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    Hi Suzanne,
    I have been there and done that crying in doctors parking lots. I also have made many of the changes you have been making. I think it is making a difference. It is so good to know that I am not alone. I hope to see you more on the forum so we can be encouraged.

    I made some artwork inwhich I tried to illustrate IS 44 verse 3 and 4. My picture shows a man carrying a baby from a fire. As time goes on the baby turns to an old women, but he still carries her effortlessly and with joy. I hope you have that joy in the Lord and can depend on him. The Lord has not failed me yet, but I am having quite a struggle.

    Get well.


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