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    I was initially diagnosed by a doctor that does “intergrative health”.  I had a thorough blood test done by Great Plains Laboratory: “Comprehensive IgG Food Allergy Test + Candida albicans , Saccharchomyces cerevisiae, plus an Organic Acids Test with Nutritional and Metabolic Profile. I had multiple food allergies (gluten, eggs, pineapple, papaya, banana, soy, legumes, dairy, almonds, sesame, tomato, sorghum, and garlic) and a very high yeast count, especially Candida. For grains, oats was the only one that did not show an allergic response. My WBC count is low with a high percentage of lymphocytes. I had low L-carnitine, which is important for the Kreb citric acid cycle and fatty acid oxidation. This explained my extreme fatigue and brain fog. I was also deficient in B vitamins and magnesium. She said to go on a gluten free diet and I immediately felt better.  She also said I had low thryoid Wilson's syndrome since my body temp. was averaging 1-2 degrees below normal (96.7-97.6 F). Further tests revealed low TSH levels 1.17 uIU/mL (According to Dr. David Clark if it is less than 1.8 it is below the functional level. My doctor however called it normal and it was not a concern.)

    Since these tests I have made a concerted effort to eat gluten free and take many supplements to heal my leaky gut and kill my yeast. My TSH has risen to 3.98 which makes me happy.However I am not healed yet because tonight I feel miserable.

    Maybe I should get the full genetic testing. I asked for this last time I went to the doctor but he refused. He did not know about it and was not open to it. This was my latest visit to a gastroenterologist. I had thought a specialist could help me more, but I guess I was mistaken. Does insurance help cover the cost of genetic testing for gluten?

    Diet is a huge challenge for me and it makes me wish for a local gluten free support group to share with (like alanon and AA). What is most difficult is that I go through the aisles in the grocery store and get very depressed because I feel that 90% of the food in there I am allergic to. I also have trouble doing a rotating diet since I live alone and food quantities say eat it before it all spoils and I run out of ideas of what to fix. It is like I need support to learn a total new way of cooking and preparing food. Cry I feel like I am going through a gluten relapse even though I am on a gluten free diet and take all my supplements.  How have you overcome this hurdle?




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    Hi, I also suffer from fatigue. My doctor said it is mostly due to thyroid and not adrenal. But my chiropractor, who does muscle kinesology testing said my hormones were bouncing all around from adrenal to thyroid to hypothalamus. I just know I am tired and can hardly function in the evenings. It seems my 85 year old mother seems to have more energy than me at age 58.

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    I have leaky gut and candida, or so I suspect from the thorough ELISA Comprehensive IgG Food Allergy Test + C. albicans, S. cerevisiae test I had done by Great Plains Laboratory.  They suggested that a rotating diet is very important for me. I would like to see a good rotating diet plan drawn up for me however. I am becoming very discouraged because there is so much I shouldn't eat. My list of allergies seems to grow everytime I eat.  I have never been on a Candida diet. How does this differ? I am losing weight. 103  5'3″, I really should not lose much more. I have just begun my gluten free diet but am not yet 100% grain free but trying.


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    I too was wondering what Dr., O's answer to this is.

    I recently bought a Kangen filter and began drinking alkaline water. My gluten sensitivity has also created a systemic yeast infection. I heard that yeast thrive in acidic water and that alkaline water will help to kill the overgrowth of yeast. I am also taking InstestiNew, a product with taurine to help my leaky gut to heal.  I believe the hyphae of the yeast have helped to create my leaky gut problem. Before Kangen I was drinking reverse osmosis filtered water, which I have learned is acidic pH 5. I believe the Kangen water will help me.

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