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    I’m so sorry you were treated so badly while being shoved through the “health care pipeline”. But as long as you came out the other end and found this forum, Dr Osborne, and a new way of eating, you can start to get better.

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    @Thychamp said:
    I hear ya!  Today I had to travel out of town for work meetings and I knew they were having a taco bar at lunch.  I had taco meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa and onions.  I know the seasoning was prepackaged and had several things including gluten, that I am not supposed to eat.  I didn’t pack my own lunch because I planned on taking my Max Digest with me (since this meal would be an exception to my diet) and then I forgot it!  I feel fine, but I did also have two non-dairy creamers in my coffee today since they did not have any healthy sweeteners in their office for coffee. (I normally use agave).  I can’t drink it black, but I get terrible acne from those creamers.


    They are supposed to be non-dairy–what’s in those things, anyway?

    Hi thychamp,

    Here’s an article about imitation creamer [non-dairy] cut and paste into your browser. The end of the article give some good suggestions as to healthy non-dairy creamers.

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    Sherie said:

    Rao said:
    Hi Steph,


    Also, chic-fil-a contains, HFCS, MSG, and anti-foaming chemicals.

    Don’t eat:

    corporate food [fast food, prepared foods etc]



    Thanks Anthony,

    How do you know all this?  Anti-foaming chemicals in food?? Really??


    Hi Steph,  here’s a few links to that info. Just copy and paste into your browser.

    One of the companies that manufacture these is:


    One of the ‘problems’ with modern processed food is they have to find a balance between the taste in the end product, shelf-life, and ease of manufacturing while making the ‘food’. All sorts of troublesome ingredients are put into modern packaged/processed foods in order to manufacture them.


    Do we really need to eat a flowing agent [magnesium stearate] in order to consume a high quality supplement? No. We don’t. And many of these ease-of-manufacturing-additives are quite dangerous over the length of the life of the person eating them.

    For the manufacturer of the product, ultimately, the bottom line [profit margin] is the dictator of the method and ingredients. Doesn’t sound like they ‘have our backs’, does it?



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    Here’s the article from



    Here’s the comment:

    “Aside from the issue of synthetic versus whole is the issue of what is added to your supplement aside from the active ingredient. Many supplement makers are adding flowing agents into their capsules, such as magnesium stearate. Previous research has shown that magnesium stearate suppresses your natural killer cells, which are a key component of your immune system.

    Magnesium stearate is much like a chalk filler that stimulates your gut to form a biofilm — a sort of sludge lining — that acts as an effective barrier to the absorption of not only that particular vitamin but ALL the nutrients you’d normally get from food sources as well!”


    My reply to Diane~

    Diane, I hope you are able to continue to improve your situation. And many people end up tossing out supps and vitamins because we read how 1 or more ingredients in those are defeating the purpose. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though, right?


    I just tossed out about $180 worth of vitamins and minerals because they have rice flour, magnesium stearate, etc in them. Why on earth would they put rice flour in an encapsulated enzyme? I guess I’ll make my own fermented veggies to get my flora and a nice side-dish too.


    Also, thanks for the tip. I bought some Krill Oil caps from Dr. Mercola today.


    Best in health!Wink

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    Hemp seeds are well…. seeds. Whether or not they have an ingredient that mimics gluten, I really don’t know. I do know that hemp seeds are wonderfully healthy seeds to consume. Hemp oil has a great omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

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    I drink water mostly, by way of a Growonix R/O w/ high flow membranes. The water is quite pure and I test it regularly for PPM. Always 0 ppm. Nothing but H2o Smile


    Other than that, I juice using a Green Star – Twin Gear. I make veggie drinks using organic greens and carrots. I drink some Oolong teas [loose tea] too.

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    @Stephanie Sherie said:
    My son and I ended up in town longer than I planned so I was STARVING!  We went to ChikFilA and I had the following.. About one hour later I had HORRIBLE fatigue, slow thinking, left hand and left food wierdness.

    *sausage,cheese, and egg from the biscuit (didn’t eat the biscuit)

    *4 or 5 little hash browns

    *decaff coffee w/splenda (no stevia) and those 2 of those little creamers.


    I feel soooo horrible.  I can’t wait until this passes.  The most frustrating part is I have been feeling super super good!  Eating out is a PAIN!

    Hi Steph,


    Also, chic-fil-a contains, HFCS, MSG, and anti-foaming chemicals.

    Don’t eat:

    corporate food [fast food, prepared foods etc]


    um…. it’s easier to go by this creed- make it at home by single wholesome ingredients. Or buy single wholesome ingredients at the market in the organic section. Nothing pre-packaged. Go to any ‘organic police’ type site and read, read, read. Some “organic” companies are not organic at all. An educated consumer is a healthy consumer. Buyer beware.

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    @Stephanie Sherie said:

    Rice milk would not be a good option for a true gluten free diet. If you are able to have cashews, I love cashew milk. It is very easy to make also. Just google it. I think it has the best flavor too. (more creamy)

    Best wishes,


    Thank you Lori!! :-)


    YEAH!  I was concerned the rice milk would fall in the grain category.
    I have a sensitivity to cashews as well. It never ends…..
    Yes, I do the applegate hot dogs and bacon.

    Anyone tried the Dandy Blend herbal coffee? It says gluten free but it’s roasted barley and rye which seems counter intuitive.

    Now for another food question:
    Does anyone think the McDonald’s latte’s have gluten? I get them non-fat with sugar-free vanilla. Thanks!


    What about 90% dark chocolate?  Does it automatically have gluten?

    Stephanie, perhaps try to NOT eat prepared foods. NEVER eat at fast [junk] food restaurants, ever. You hungry? drive past chic-fil-a, mcdonalds, etc, and go to the market. Buy some berries, some grapes, and some raw almonds. Some filtered [chlorine, chloramines free, non-fluoridated] water. Makes a great snack, and won’t mess with blood sugar levels.

    Once you get out of the habit of always reaching for prepared, prepackaged foods, you will be happier with your choices.

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    @Connie Curtis said:
    How long do you bake it and what temp?


    I’m not the author but since Connie’s question has not been answered since May, I’ll try.


    Most baked goods are … baked at 325 to 350 degrees. I would bake this till the eggs are solidified, probably around 20 to 30  minutes. But check by piercing the center of the quiche with a toothpick and when it comes out clean, you’re good to go.


    Probably a 12 inch ramekin would be appropriate. 

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    Thank you Stephanie!

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    @Thychamp said:
    I need to replace my teflon non-stick cookware.  I know that Dr. Mercola has cookware on his site that is ceramic, but before I order them, are there any other resources that might be better yet?  And, is ceramic for sure the way to go?

    It is expensive but stainless steel is superior. It will last you a lifetime. Although, certain proteins will stick to anything, like eggs, some meats, etc…


    nonstick is actually a crummy way to go. The best chefs like to ‘deglaze’ their pans with wine, chicken stock, etc.. to make great sauces. Way easier than one is led to believe. True about almost everything eh?


    Best to you.

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    @Gluten Free Society said:
    Hi Austin,

    Yes there is definitely a relationship.  It is not necessary to go on a candida free diet for those with gluten sensitivity.  However; many with gluten sensitivity have a weakened immune system that allows for the propagation of yeast.  Sugar cravings, bloating after eating, discolored yellow nail beds, and white patches on the tongue are all symptoms of candida problems. 

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    What about the “spit into a glass of water” test. Does that actually prove a candida issue?

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