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  • @Gluten Free Society said:
    Hi Virginia,

    Having genes for gluten sensitivity does not mean that you have celiac.  It does mean that you should avoid gluten.  My team is currently editing a video on this topic.  It should be ready very soon.  I will post ASAP for you,

    Dr. OSmile

    Hi Dr. O, is this video available yet? I might have missed it somewhere.

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    Thank you! I have found a good vegetable based one made from pea, pumpkin seed and spirulina proteins from Omega Nutrition. I like doing a “smoothie” in the mornings with lots of spinage, celery, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and bluberries – it’s a good way to get those extra nutrients in one go!

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    Thank you! I have tried unsuccessfully before but never with avocado oil. I will give it a go, thanks

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    I would say no. Just recently watched Dr. David Clark’s videos on the 3 top things to avoid when going gluten free: milk, yeast and corn!!

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    Hi, Just wondering if this recipe should have eggs in it?? I am in the process of making it and the batter is more like breadcrumbs – It’s certainly missing something. Eggs perhaps??

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    Welcome Carol! I think you will be very happy with the info on here, it’s a fabulous resource!

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    I just saw a post on FB from GFS this morning linking to Greenmedinfo. It’s heading is, “Learn about one of the best gluten-free grain alternatives there is: Buckwheat!”

    Looks like they might have had more research on this one

    in reply to: Canola Oil #10306

    Thanks Dr. O, yes I had read that!

    I saw some organic mayo that was made with organic canola oil so thought that might be okay since it would be GMO free. My family miss mayo :(

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    @redbird said:
    If your test is showing the HLA-DQ4,4 alleles you are being diagnosed with NonCeliac”Gluten Sensitivity” genetics. A person with the HLA-DQ2 or DQ8 alleles are diagnosed with Celiac Disease. If I understood what your test indicates then you don’t have Celiac Disease where your villi fingers in the intestines are being destroyed in an auto-immune response effort to remove the gluten. That is great, however, the only thing you can do to get healthy and stay that way is to go 100% Gluten/Grain/Soy free and don’t cheat. It is hard because there is hidden gluten in a lot of food/drink and even some foods/drinks can cause the false “similar protein” cross-reaction. There is data that shows that 10% of the proteins in coffee can falsely cause a gluten-type response in up to 90% of the folks with GS or CD. That is not gluten or the caffeine but tannin proteins that resemble the gluten proteins in structure!

    Hi Redbird, I have just had my results back from Dr. Osborne and I tested positive for the HLA-DQ8 alleles. I was told that this does NOT mean that I have Celiac disease but shows that there is a very strong likely hood that I will develop it if I do not go gluten free. Just wanted to help clarify that point.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)