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  1. Sherrill Johnson says:

    Hello and thank you everyone,

    Thank you for the first site I’ve seen that actually states there is a distinct difference between Celiac and Gluten Intolerance.

  2. Paula Ortner says:

    I will be glad for a place that deals with gluten sensitive. My 21 year old was diagnosed back in October and has been hospitalized several times due to going off the diet and not taking the digestive enzymes when he did. Now they want him gluten free for at least 6 mos. before trying again with the enzymes. And then only occasionally. He gets winded if he trys to play ball and if he continues a little nausea sets in. I told him I thought it was because he was getting used to the diet and the weight loss from it. How long does it usually take to regain energy, some weight and strength?

    Thank you
    Paula Ortner

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