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Gluten Free Food List – to Improve Your Health

A Gluten Free Food List That Won’t Make You Sick The Error-Free Gluten Free Food List Unfortunately, the gluten-free diet has been “adopted” by bloggers, diet book authors, magazines and other media, and they’ve turned it into something “more palatable” to the general public, but something that isn’t gluten free at all. For those with […]

Gluten Free Food is Bad For You

Unhealthy foods do not help restore health. Sounds like common sense, but unfortunately when it comes to food, common sense often times evades the masses. Just look at the “Gluten Free Food” industry. It has reached 5 billion in revenue selling highly unhealthy substitute foods for those with gluten intolerance. People are rushing out to […]

How To Get a Tax Break With Gluten Free Foods

The gluten free food industry has become a booming business. Many of you going gluten free are looking to help reduce costs when buying specialty products. The article below was sent to me by someone who has experience in the tax field and I thought you might find it useful… Tax Deduction Guide for Gluten-Free […]