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The Ultimate Crash Course on Sugar – Overcoming Diabetes Naturally


With 51% of the U.S. population now being overweight, it’s no surprise that blood sugar levels have risen as well. Most of us are living fast-paced lifestyles and reaching for quick, highly processed foods that are packed full of sugar and contain little to no nutrients. If not stopped, this pattern will continue to have […]

Does Coffee Cause Autoimmune Disease?

coffee and autoimmune disease

The Connection Between Coffee & Autoimmune Disease 83% of adults in the US consume coffee.  That number comes pretty close to the estimated 46 plus million people with autoimmune disease.  So the big question is – Does coffee cause or contribute to autoimmune disease? Recent research shows that several forms of autoimmune disease are linked […]

The Gluten – Diabetes Connection

How Gluten Induced Nutritional Loss Can Wreck Your Blood Sugar It is no mystery that gluten sensitivity and type 1 diabetes are linked genetically.  There is also a connection between gluten/grain consumption and blood sugar disruption.  The mechanisms for this disruption are many.  Some of the more common are due to pancreatic damage, liver damage, […]

Can Gluten Cause High Blood Sugar?

Can Gluten Cause High Blood Sugar? This is a topic that is very rarely approached in conventional circles.  Most nutritionists and doctors will tell you to make sure to eat plenty of grains if you have a blood sugar problem.  Unfortunately, this advice can exacerbate blood sugar issues. When it comes to diabetes and blood […]

Gluten Free Diet – Weight Loss Enabler and Medication Buster

Gluten Free Diet – The most powerful treatment ever? I personally don’t know of a safe, side effect free, medical procedure, medication, or treatment that can provide control over blood sugar, blood pressure, acid reflux, and fever blisters.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention – 50 pounds of weight loss.  Yet a gluten free […]

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