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GI Soothe

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GI Soothe

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 7 capsules per day (in divided doses) or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Individuals with shellfish allergies should check with their health care practitioner before taking GI Soothe.

GI Soothe offers comprehensive support for optimum gastrointestinal health and function. The lining of the gut must have proper permeability and integrity so it can not only absorb nutrients, but also prevent toxins, allergens and microbes from gaining access to the blood stream. Maintaining gut health is the key to maintaining overall wellness.


Zinc Carnosine

Zinc Carnosine has impressive mucosal-protective and anti-ulcerative properties, including the ability to protect the intestinal lining against damage due to strong anti-inflammatory medications often associated with intestinal mucosal damage.


Glutamine is the most important nutritional substance for healthy intestinal cells. It is one of the most commonly used amino acids in the body that aids in repairing tissues, particularly the epithelial cells of the intestinal lining. Supplemental L-glutamine has been shown to have immunomodulatory, anticatabolic/anabolic and gastrointestinal mucosal-protective actions. It is also a powerful antioxidant and it is a precursor for glutathione synthesis. Under stress, glutamine serves as a secondary energy source. It is essential in maintaining proper intestinal permeability and avoiding leaky gut syndrome.

MSM and Quercetin

These are anti-inflammatory substances that can reduce chronic inflammation, which is often the reason why the intestinal lining becomes damaged and leaky. Quercetin can also provide anti-inflammatory action by stabilizing intestinal mast cells and can improve tissue health through its antioxidant functions.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine

This aids in the production of healthy cells of the intestinal lining. The increased production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) can help support proper mucosal health and reduce intestinal permeability.

DGL, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow, Chamomile, Okra, and Cat’s Claw

These relaxing herbs can provide comprehensive enhancement of intestinal function by coating and soothing the intestinal lining. They can promote the healing of ulcers and inflamed tissue, and reduce cramping by relaxing the intestines.


This is a glycoprotein normally secreted by the intestinal epithelial cells. It can serve to coat the intestinal lining and to neutralize intestinal antigens, along with sIgA, reducing the inflammation and tissue damage caused by food allergy, intestinal infection and dysbiosis.

Prune Powder and Citrus Pectin

These ingredients safely aid in regularity without the caustic and damaging effects of commonly used herbal laxatives.

Why use GI Soothe?

For somebody who has such severe inflammation and ulceration in their GI tract, we use this to coat the damaged area so that even eating broth doesn’t irritate it. The GI Soothe allows us to get a coating down so that your body can heal in the very beginning.

Healthy Gut Function

The image below shows five of the critical elements for healthy gut function. In essence, if you want a healthy GI tract, and a gut that is not leaking, then these five primary barriers are a must that protect the integrity of your gut function.

16 reviews for GI Soothe

  1. .

    Worked great for my heartburn problems.

  2. .

    I used this instead of tums. Very helpful.

  3. Karen F.

    Is this a good option for my 86 yr old mother recovering from C diff? Thanks.

  4. .

    Since using gi acid , no upset, no heartburn.. perfect.. using with ultra probiotic

  5. Jessica V.

    Without this my daughter notices more pain in her digestive track.

  6. Cathy O.

    I’ve had chronic heartburn for years due to my autoimmune disease. This has helped immensely since I started taking it. I noticed the results after the first time I took it.

  7. Diana H.

    Can I open capsule to mix in water?

  8. .

    can’t live withot it!!!

  9. Jennifer B.

    GI Soothe has really made a difference in my health! I was having major problems with my digestion, and I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. It’s too awful to get in to detail, but I was absolutely fearing the worst. I started taking these a little over a month ago, and I feel soooooooo much better now. My previous symptoms and concerns are nearly cleared up! I am very thankful, and I know these along with Ultra Mg and Ultra Nutrients have made all the difference. Thank you!❤

  10. Diocele O.

    I will use forever. It works great on my digestion. Great product.

  11. Diocele O.

    It makes my digestion better, smooth, really helps.

  12. .

    I suffer from especially nighttime reflux/ heartburn .. after taking these it seems to be helping so I can sleep without discomfort .. hard to budget money on what to take but this is a keeper .. because I can’t afford Everything

  13. Elba V.

    GI soothe is a fantastic product for healing ur gut. It turned my gut health around and feeling no more gut pain. Thanks dr Osborne. One thing I am not sure about whether to take all 7 pills at one time or divide the pillls?

  14. Darlene L.

    I have finally found something that calms my gut down and stopped the diarrhea that I’ve suffered from for 25 years!!!

  15. Betty D.

    Really helps calm my gut and especially helpful while traveling!

  16. Linda F.

    Great product for calming and protecting my digestive system.

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