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Ultra Collagen

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Ultra Collagen – Whole Body Collagen

Premium bovine collagen peptides to support bone, joint, and skin health.

Ultra Collagen offers a comprehensive approach to supporting various aspects of health. It contains three clinically supported collagen peptides: Fortibone®, Fortigel®, and Verisol®. These collagen blends address specific concerns such as bone health, joint support, and skin rejuvenation. Additionally, collagen supplementation may have broader benefits such as supporting muscle health and exercise recovery. Our formula offers a convenient way to incorporate these clinically proven peptides into your daily routine, with a recommended dose of 13 grams per day mixed with water or another liquid.

Many individuals do not consume adequate protein. Even among those with a higher protein intake, unless nose-to-tail eating is emphasized, the richest sources of collagen—animal skins, bones, and tendons—are not typically part of the modern Western diet. Since collagen powder can be added to shakes & smoothies, coffee or tea, soups, stews and other foods and beverages, Ultra Collagen is a convenient way to ensure adequate intake of these unique amino acids, which are extracted from bovine hide and bone.

Key Features*

  • Hypoallergenic – free of dairy, soy, egg, gluten, shellfish
  • Quality; NON GMO ingredients; Hormone Free
  • No Added Flavors; Subtle Taste & Easy to mix
  • Three profile blend (Type I, II, and III)

In summary, Ultra Collagen’s is a high-quality bovine formula, whose peptides play a vital role in supporting the repair, renewal, and maintenance of connective tissues in the body. Whether sourced from the diet or produced internally, these peptides contribute to the synthesis of new collagen, aided by essential cofactors for optimal tissue health.

Ultra Collagen is the perfect blend for those who:

*Want a TRUE gluten free collagen source
*Want the power of peptides to support skin, bone, and joint health

Ultra Collagen may benefit: 

  • The strength and flexibility of bones
  • Preservation of tendons and cartilage
  • The appearance of skin and nails
  • Body composition and Muscle health
  • Facilitate post-exercise recovery and alleviate muscle discomfort

As a dietary supplement mix 13 grams (approximately one scoop) in 8 ounces of water or any other beverage per day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. For best consistency, add powder to mixing vessel before adding water or other liquid. This product can also be mixed into hot or cold beverages and foods, such coffee or tea, soups and stews, or sauces.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

34 reviews for Ultra Collagen


    I have used many collagens in my coffee/green tea and this is my favorite. It’s very creamy when mixed using my immersion blender and I like the collagen ingredients. Highly recommend.

  2. Vickie M.

    Love the product. I expected excellence because I regularly use several Origin supplements with great results!

  3. Theresa s.

    I like how smooth this product is. When added to my drink it has no taste to it. Only have been using it for a few weeks, hoping to see a different in my knee. Have been diagnosed with arthritis and it effects me every day lifestyle, especially when I workout. I know it takes time to see results.

  4. Charmaine M.

    I know exactly what is in it no strange ingredients. Thant works.

  5. theresa g.

    I just got my labs in. For the first time in years my iron levels are finally up. I attribute it to the Ultra Collagen. I highly recommend this product!

  6. Joyce C R.

    Ultra Collagen easily dissolves in my coffee every morning. It is tasteless and I trust Gluten Free Society!

  7. .

    I trust these products

  8. .

    I love and trust this brand and products

  9. .

    Thankful for these

  10. .

    Love these products, safe and effective

  11. Destiny N.

    Wonderful product. I love how incredibly smooth and tasteless it is! Dissolves easily with my supplemental shakes every day. Have only been using for a month but am already noticing a different in joint pain and hair/nail health.

  12. Destiny N.

    Wonderful product. I love how incredibly smooth and tasteless it is! Dissolves easily with my supplemental shakes every day. Have only been using for a month but am already noticing a different in joint pain and hair/nail health.

  13. Sharon H.

    I add it to my morning coffee or into my protein shake. It will blend with anything. Being almost 70 my knees, nails and hair are better yet!

  14. James B.

    This collagen is a great support for the body. It gives the right nutrients to reinforce the bones and muscles.


    I’ve been using Ultra collagen for the past 2 years, mainly to support gut & joint health. It also serves as a secondary protein source. There is no flavour; the ingredients are pure & the product is excellent. It lends a creamy texture to protein shakes & dissolves readily into broth & coffee. I have tried other brands, but Dr. Osborne’s is my favourite. I keep 3 on hand…just in case.

  16. Marsha S.

    Great product has no flavor and I mix it in my morning coffee,

  17. Judy N.

    A friend of mine had open heart surgery and her doctor reommended that she use a collagen product long term. She shared this info with me. I saw that Dr. Osborne offered Ultra Collagen and decided to try the product. So glad that I did. I’ve been using several months as a support for gut & joint health & secondary protein source. It has little taste & dissolves readily into water, broth & coffee. I am very pleased with Ultra Collagen and the service I receive from the Gluten Free Society.

  18. Dawn C.

    I have been using a Collagen from Ancient Nutrition for 2 years and didn’t feel any difference. Since going Gluten Free I started changing my supplements to Dr. Osborne’s.
    I feel a difference already!
    My appointment is 2/14/24 with Dr. Osborne.
    I’m looking forward to my appointment.

  19. Carolyn H.

    I love the Collagen it dissolves fast and has no taste to it.

  20. Dawn C.

    I highly recommend this product! I have used collagen/protein brands for years. When I started this one I felt a difference right away!
    It dissolves fast in my coffee or tea and gives it a creamy taste.
    Love it, Dawn Grace

  21. Elaine B.

    Tastes great in my smoothie!

  22. Sue S.

    We trust the quality of this product and especially with the form of collagen (Verisol) that is said to be the highest in the industry. This form of collagen is suppose to have the highest absorbtion versus other forms that usually go right through you.

  23. Jutta F.

    I have only just started to take the product but like how it dissolves and that there is not taste to it. I will have to give it more time to see the effect on my joints, bone and skin. No matter what products I buy from Dr. Osborne, I am happy with them.

  24. Jeff & Mickey P.

    I just ordered some of his supplements along with the Collagen. In watching Dr. Osborne’s videos online I really trust him more than anyone else I’ve watched. I love the fact that there is no BS in his supplements. I’ll keep you updated on my health. One of his products I’m taking now is the Ultra Thyroid. So far so good.

  25. Toni L.

    Dissolves easily, which is unusual, and truly doesn’t change the flavor of what you’re drinking. I love it!

  26. Linda S.

    This unflavored collagen powder is great! It is truly unflavored. I add it to my peppermint herbal tea, and I cannot tell it is there. I KNOW at 69 years old, I need more collagen! I wasn’t sure adding it to a hot drink was correct, but I see that others are doing that. I will say I think it gives my tea a slightly creamy texture, but not a creamy taste (as I say someone else comment). I believe it is truly unflavored, which is what I want! I use a lot of Dr. Osborne’s supplements. I’m on a better health journey and I haven’t arrived yet, but I am truly feeling much better than I did a year ago when the journey began. The quality supplements I am taking are a large part of the success. Dr. Osborne is great; I can trust him, and I love knowing there’s no gluten in his supplements. Thanks Dr. Osborne!!!

  27. Judy N.

    Have been using Ultra Collagen product for over a year. I feel confident that it is helping me to have an adequate intake of protein & amino acids. I like the way it dissolves quickly and does not add flavor to my water and teas. Have seen a big improvement in the strength & growth of my nails and hair. Also, have notice an improvement in my bowel health. Do not want to be without this product. Highly recommend it.

  28. Dianne B.

    I have been using Ultra Collagen for about one month now, and I love it ! I add it to
    my breakfast smoothies. It’s tasteless and makes the smoothie creamier. Next, I’ll explore adding it to soups, pancakes, etc. Excellent, clean product !

  29. .

    I don’t know why it took me so long to try this product, but I am glad I finally got the message. I have tried another collagen for several years and it always left an aftertaste for hours. Dr. Osborne’s collagen is smooth and just feels right. No after taste. I really respect Dr. O after listening to him on many webinars. He is the “real thing.” Highly recommend. Don’t wait…start now!

  30. Marsha S.

    Love this in my coffee and has been great for growing my hair

  31. Diana W.

    So enjoy being able to use the ultra collagen product in my morning tea. What a help to add to my protein count with this product. It adds just a bit of creaminess to my tea, and with 11 grams of protein it starts my day off right! Thank you Dr. Osborne. You and your products are so appreciated!

  32. .

    After a several months illness & the loss of muscle mass I decided to try this collagen. I have used other collagens with little improvements. After 3 days of 1 scoop per day – I could visibly SEE & FEEL the difference in my skin & strength has improved daily. Now back to daily exercises!

  33. Dawn C.

    I have tried many! This one stands out from all the rest! Great product😊

  34. .

    i use collagen every day, believe my joints work smoother, no or less pain than before using collagen.
    Easy to use!

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