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Ultra Choline

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Only Ultra Choline combines both choline and citrate. This is important because citrate activates choline as it energizes and alkalizes the cell. Choline Citrate replenishes choline stores quickly and effectively, improving endurance and performance.*

Ultra Choline comes in a liquid form to guarantee optimum absorption and purity. The commonly used form of choline, choline bitartrate, contains cornstarch and may contain reactive or irritative antigens. Ultra Choline is contaminant free, more bioavailable than tablets or capsules and convenient.*

Choline Citrate has an important mission. Ultra Choline can increase magnesium uptake. No other form of choline has this benefit. Ultra Choline is essential for people who have a block in the primary calcium-magnesium ATPase uptake system, such as individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. This is the pathway that creates energy and takes magnesium into cells. The caveat is that the pathway requires adequate energy to work efficiently. When stress or illness compromises the immune system, and when diet, toxins, or immune reactions cause excess cellular acidity (metabolic acidosis), magnesium uptake cannot take place, and this important pathway is impaired. Bypassing the energy pathway, Ultra Choline and Ultra Mg together create a neutral charge to carry magnesium effortlessly through the cell membrane.*

Those who take magnesium but still show signs of magnesium deficiency need Ultra Choline. Cramps, muscle twitches, and spasms that persist even when magnesium is supplied indicate uptake impairment. Ultra Choline is specifically designed to facilitate magnesium uptake for everyone.*

Key Features*

  • Hypoallergenic – free of dairy, soy, egg, gluten, corn, yeast, citrus
  • High absorption and purity
  • Convenient liquid form
  • Non-GMO, no artificial ingredients
  • Plant-based formula


  • Athletes in particular can benefit from Ultra Choline supplementation. Neurotransmitters that are dependent upon choline such as acetylcholine, can affect physical performance. Studies demonstrate that exercise significantly reduces choline levels.*
  • Ultra Choline can increase energy for individuals who fatigue easily.*
  • Choline is necessary for the proper transport and metabolism of fats. Without choline, fat accumulates in the liver. Choline Citrate increases bile acid production for gall bladder health and supports weight loss.*
  • Choline Citrate enhances liver detoxification, helping it remove toxic waste products from the bloodstream.*
  • Choline is essential for transmission of nerve impulses and memory function. Studies indicate that choline deficiency is linked to neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


In a recent study, researchers examined random, placebo-controlled trials of choline deficiency in cognitive disorders. The reviewers found that choline had significant beneficial effects on memory function and behavior. In another study, researchers found that choline supplementation improved subjects’ memory, especially in Alzheimer’s patients.*

Choline helps the body as well as the mind. Studies show that in trained athletes, physical exertion can deplete choline stores by as much as 40%. In one such study, researchers concluded that, “Thus, the reductions in plasma choline associated with strenuous exercise may reduce acetylcholine release, and could thereby affect endurance or performance.”*

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) teaspoon in juice or water or as directed by your health professional. Pregnant and nursing mothers need to check with their health professional before taking supplements.


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8 reviews for Ultra Choline

  1. .

    I bought this supplement after listening to Dr. Osborne discuss it in a youtube. I wanted to see if it could help increase my energy and workout recovery. I took it one time, and noticed an increase in energy within the hour. I took it for a week, and I noticed that I was recovering faster after my workout routines. I also noticed that it improved my sleep. I will definitely keep taking this product.

  2. Colleen S.

    I love this liquid Ultra Choline, it is easy to take, I put it in our green smoothies. My husband has trouble when he takes supplements in pill form but has no trouble with this. When my wholistic doctor muscle tested me with this she said it was a good match for me. I am so happy I found this since it is an important nutrient and I am sensitive to eggs so I can’t get it that way. Thank you Dr. Osborne!

  3. Delores W.

    I started taking Dr. Osborne’s liquid choline after testing with a borderline deficiency. I put it in water every morning and have noticed a difference in my mood and focus. I love that it helps helps detoxification, as I am detoxing from mold. Great product!

  4. Joan P.

    I notice I’m more alert, have more energy and focus. It has a mild flavor that I’m comfortable with too.

  5. Quieta B.

    This product is helping me to improve my health

  6. Diana W.

    I’ve been taking Ultra Choline as part of my new supplement protocol after Dr. Osborne reviewed my most recent lab test results. I put 1 and 1/2 teaspoons in a 3 oz glass of water. It’s surprisingly good tasting, and I trust it will make a difference as all of the Docs recommendations have. 🙂

  7. Ann-Marie M.

    I started using this with Dr. Osborne’s Magnesium to help with absorption. I starting to sleep better – deeper and longer. Great to know I am using Gluten-free supplements!!

  8. Quieta B.

    This is a great product! Helps me get more from my magnesium

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