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Zinc Soothe

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7 reviews for Zinc Soothe

  1. Sharon N.

    I take regular zinc already, but happened to be in the wrong place to get a big lung full of some kind of bleach type spray. Burned my throat and it felt raw. Went home and sucked on a zinc lozenge that evening and again next morning and raw burned feeling was gone. I feel like it was extremely helpful .

  2. .

    I wish I could chew all my supplements.

  3. .

    Tastes good and healthy for you

  4. Kristi C.

    Zinc Soothe is an easy way to get your zinc intake daily. The lozenges taste good and easily dissolve.

  5. Denise S.

    Excellent ingredients. Feels very soothing on the throat/mouth tissue. I reach for it at the first little tickle in my throat. Right where you want the Zinc if any “invaders” are suspect.

  6. Sandra N.

    I’ve always felt a lump in my throat when I swallow. I have not felt it since taking the zinc lozenges. Will zinc help ease postnasal drip?

  7. .

    Recently diagnosed with leaky gut. I also have signs of zinc deficiency. This supplement helps me get the extra needed zinc while also adding gut soothing components. (and it taste good)

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