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Dr. Osborne’s Custom Formula for Immune Support

20 reviews for Virid

  1. Mae Takatani

    I bought Virid as a immune support as my son works as an HVAC Tech and is considered an essential worker. My husband and I are both 72 yrs old with my husband being diabetic. Previously we were purchasing several items separately which made for taking several tablets and with Virid, it reduced the number of tablets we are taking to try to keep healthy. So far, we have been careful and are still enjoying our health.

  2. Jess Wright Rudolph

    I wanted something with a good mix of important vitamins to take less pills. I tried Virid to help us support our immune system and hopefully keep us healthy during the pandemic. So far I have no complaints and feel confident in this product.

  3. Laurie

    I have recently having cold sores; when I spoke with Dr Osborne he suggested trying Virid as soon as I felt one starting. I have had to use it several time since the purchase but the cold sores never appeared; they just go away. Love this product!!!

  4. Rosemarie

    Taken along with NAC + L-glut is such a powerful combo. I’ve had 2 bouts of bronchitis and with this regimen, I can tell the difference in how I feel. I especially notice I’m getting rid of phlegm and is one way I know it’s working! Plus, I can’t quite describe it but my lungs feel more free!

  5. jabaur

    This is a great supplement to support the immune system, especially during the winter.

  6. Galina Williams

    Virid saved my family so many times! Thank you Dr. Osborn:)

  7. Ali Kashi

    The zinc, C, D, elderberry are among the ingredients that make for a fantastic supplement immune system support!

  8. Gail Lowe

    We have used this product for a year now. It comes in the immune bundle and along with the other items in this bundle we have stayed very healthy. I would recommend this product and actually the whole bundle.

  9. Sharon

    I had a thing for a couple of days before the virid came in. Started immediately and could def see feel a difference after just first day. Did not get nearly as sick. Will keep on hand now!

  10. Denise E Schroeder

    I have been taking Virid on a regular basis for a couple years now and I am sure it has helped me to keep my immune system good. When I did get any cold or virus-they were less severe and less symptoms with lasting only a few days compared to my usual weeks prior to 2020. It is part of my regimen to getting and staying healthy now. Dr. Osborne recommended it when I got a respiratory virus in February of 2020 and glad I took his advice !!!

  11. Jan

    We use this every day. So far, we have been free of flu, colds, Covid, and a myriad of other illnesses.

  12. Cindy morath

    Whenever I feel like I’m getting sick a take this and the morning I feel fine!

  13. Vinae

    I had a cough for 6 weeks and wasn’t getting better. I started taking this and I got better. I highly recommend this. It worked great for me. It was the perfect combo.

  14. Kathy

    Seeing onset of various “cold or allergy symptoms “ with seasonal changes and back to school in New England!
    Enjoying the availability of our standard support supplements combined into capsule!
    At 67 and 73 years, we continue to appreciate strong immune system. Thank you.

  15. Sharon

    Haven’t had a cold since taking Virid. It really seems to boost the immune system.

  16. Lori

    This is a very helpful supplement for your immune system. It seems to keep me healthy. Thank you!

  17. Natalie Vaughn

    We take this anytime we feel ill, and it’s super helpful! Even my 7 year old girl who has many allergies takes it without issue, and she loves that it’s purple.

  18. Stephanie Brown

    I purchased VIRID after listening to several of Dr. Osborne’s lecture videos which have been so informative. I’ve learned so much about supplements and health from his talks and his website. I was interested in a clean supplement to add an extra boost to my immune system and the ingredient deck of this supplement is loaded with goodness. It has everything I was looking for and being gluten sensitive I am so happy to have discovered Dr. Osborne and his amazing supplements. I definitely recommend!!!

  19. Marilyn Manion

    Been taking virid for about 3 yrs now. I dint want to be sick so Ill keep taking it.

  20. Gail Lowe

    Great product!

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