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Ultra NAC 500

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With all the stressors, toxins, and germs floating around in the air these days it’s no wonder our immune systems are on overdrive.

It’s one of the many reasons I recommend adding N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) to your daily routine.

NAC is an essential Amino acid and is a critical building block for the master antioxidant glutathione.

That’s why NAC is so valuable. It’s essential to:

  • Your immune system
  • Your liver health and detoxification functions
  • Can reduce the side effects of OTC painkillers
  • May help reduce the symptoms of respiratory issues by loosening the mucus in your air pathways
  • Boost brain health by protecting your neurotransmitters.
  • And so much more.

This powerful amino acid is one of the most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of the cold or flu and can even help shorten the length of time you’re under the weather*

For Immune Support & Maintenance:
Take 1-2 capsule/per day on an empty stomach.

For those with cold or flu symptoms:
Take 3-4 capsules per day/divided doses on an empty stomach.

Suggested Serving: 1 or more capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

Does Not Contain: Gluten, corn, yeast, artificial colors or flavors.

Cautions: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before taking this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

17 reviews for Ultra NAC 500

  1. Paul C

    Definitely seems as if it’s assisting with clearing my sinuses along with a true Gluten Free diet. Daily that spacey feeling is no longer and my wellness is being restored by my body! Thanks to Dr Osborne!!

  2. Russ

    I have been using NAC for several years and it appears to have helped me and my immune system. Thanks Dr. Osborne

  3. Anush Nazari

    NAC is my favorite immune supporter. Since I’ve been taking Nac I get less flu infections and if I get cold, using it speeds up my recovery. My husband and I love it.

  4. Mary Byron

    I have IPF and NAC eases my breathing. Prevention is a priority for me and I believe NAC is strengthening my immune system.

  5. Gail Lowe

    I love this form of NAC because I know that it is high quality and always 100% gluten free! NAC helps complete my regimen for a strong immune system.

  6. Jenny

    I am taking Ultra NAC to help lower B/P. I take Ultra NAC 500 first thing in the morning. I weigh myself, and take NAC on an empty stomach, with a full glass of water. Dress and get ready for the day. I sit and read for several minutes. Then check my B/P. It has been good. Used to be on a 180 mg dose of a med, MD decreased it to 120. Recently decreased it to 60mg. Hope to be off this med in the near future. I am very pleased with this supplement.

  7. Bob Runion

    Sinus issues gone

  8. Quieta Brock

    I love these products

  9. caitlin corbin

    I have more energy

  10. Marilyn Manion

    I have just started taking it. I can’t give a rating yet for I’ve had a viral infection plus upper respiratory problems for wks. My son told me to get this. I also am taking Virid, Detox C tabs, zinc, ultra q, ultra nutrition of your supplements. I’m also talking (calcium, vit B12 otc)and vit d rx. I have talked about calling tjere. I’m 77 with joint problems and lots of problems. I had cancer if small colon again this year. I’m always in pain and deal with it till I have to break over and take Tylenol and Ibuprofen together. Arthritis, osteoporosis in which I’m taking a monthly pill for that. Osteoarthritis, joint degenerative disease and have not been tested for all the arthritis diseases. I have been for osteoporosis I might need more help. My son and daughter in law got us started on the abive pills during Covid I can’t give a true rating.

  11. Ede

    I’ve been taking NAC since returning home from overseas with a bad chest cold.
    I first went to my dr and was prescribed a Z pack, but the remnants persisted. I heard NAC was especially helpful for mucus. I’ve been taking for several weeks and have lessened the symptoms. Works great!! I will take prior to and part of my regimen when traveling!


    I started taking NAC about 15 years ago, along with zinc, D & higher doses of C on a daily basis. I don’t get sick or colds/flu. I upped my doses during 2020 & despite taking care of friends that got CV19, I sailed through without any problems. I choose Ultra NAC because the quality & purity is proven. This is one supplement I will always take — it works.

  13. Deborah Ames

    I bought the NAC for my husband who was suffering from a lingering phlegm issue after having the Flu. It really has helped him a great deal. Another wonderful product from Dr. Osborne!

  14. Judith

    I’ve been taking NAC for about 3 years. It was recommended by my doctor. I use Ultra NAC for its purity and quality. It’s the best!

  15. Scotia DeLong Jacob

    Excellent top quality supplements. Thank you Dr. Osborne.

  16. Marilyn Manion

    I have more energy. Only things slows me down is my joints in which is an everyday thing for years. I tried Turmeric and cannot take it. I get shots in my back and shoulder ( not often). I endure the pain the rest if the time. Never a day without it ☹️ I’m still new at NAC. I take the Ultra nutrient, zinc, Detox C, Quercetin, Virid annnnd. I need something great for spinal stenosis , osteoarthritis and etc

  17. Marcus clay

    For years I have taken it to clear my sinuses at night so I can breathe when going back to sleep.

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