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Ultra Butyrate

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Ultra Butyrate – Fuel for Your Gut

Butyrate is the primary fuel source for the cells of the large intestine, and it has been shown to play important roles in maintaining the gut barrier, modulating inflammation, and aids in proper gut motility. This “post-biotic” can be especially beneficial for individuals dealing with less than ideal gastrointestinal function.

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Key Benefits Include:

  • Promotes Gut Lining Integrity
  • Supports the Balance of Beneficial Gut Microorganisms
  • Helps Sustain Bowel Health and Normal Functions
  • Aids in Maintaining a Strong Immune System
  • Facilitates the GI Tract’s Healthy Management of Inflammation

Suggested Use: Take 1 softgel per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Soy Free – Non-GMO

9 reviews for Ultra Butyrate

  1. Karen Manser

    Dr. Osbornes supplements are the best. I can trust them for being clean without harmful additives. I highly recommend them! Been using them since 2019

  2. S

    Butyrate is an easy to swallow, beautiful little dynamo. And not in plastic, but in a glass bottle! Thanks Dr. Osborne!

  3. Dahne Rodriguez

    I just started buying Dr.Osborne’s Ultra Butyrate but fully trust that it will help me. All the supplements I buy from Dr Osborne I know I can trust that I will have no side effects because they’re pure and clean. Thank you!

  4. Fitzroy Hill

    I am having so.e gut issues a d thought it would be helpful. And it has been,however the product was out of stock therefore and has been in my possession for less than two weeks.Through researching Dr.Osborne information and listening to him I suspect that I suspect I am suffering from gluten sensitivity .I am looking to heal.

  5. Kate

    While gut motility is not an issue for me, intestinal permeability (leaky gut) is. I started taking Ultra Butyrate about 2.5 weeks prior & already noticing that my gut has calmed down. Another plus: when I take it at bedtime, I tend to sleep through the night. Dr. Osborne’s supplements are trustworthy: clean & 3rd party tested. I’ve switched over from other brands for this very reason.

  6. Kristin

    I feel like when I started taking Ultra Butyrate my gut inflammation disappeared. I take it every morning before I eat anything. It has really been working great for me and I trust that all of Dr. Osborne’s supplements are super high quality!

  7. Kathleen Martz

    Ultra butyrate so far seems to be helping. Bummer. It’s out of stock!

  8. Kathleen Martz

    I do believe that so far the ultra butyrate is helping me.. I love all of gluten-free societies, nutrients herbs and everything that I take. Thank you so much.

  9. Patricia Harrison

    Butyrate is helping me I noticed when I miss taking it my gut is not good. All of Dr Osborne supplements help.
    Thank you
    Thank you

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