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Ultra B12

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Research shows that gluten can damage the areas of the stomach and small intestine important for the absorption of vitamin B12 leading to increased risk of deficiency. Add to this the fact that there is an estimated 78% less vitamin B12 in our food supply today than there was in the 1960s. Vitamin B12 isn’t naturally produced in the body so it must be acquired through diet or supplementation. Delivered in a great tasting lozenge, Ultra B12 contains hydroxocobalamin, the form of B12 found in food. Meaning that your body can easily tolerate it. Hydroxycobalamin lasts longer and raises B12 concentration in your blood higher than any other form. This allows for optimal delivery to your tissues.

12 reviews for Ultra B12

  1. Perooz G.

    Excellent product.

  2. stef r.

    I’m on my second bottle of Ultra b12. It has improved my energy greatly.

  3. stef r.

    This product resolved my vertigo/balance problems.

  4. cindy J.

    This helps a lot with brain fog and keeps me focused. It also has been helping me get a good night sleep. I have tried numerous products and I must say these are the best.

  5. Tammy B.

    I have numerous food sensitivities, gluten, dairy, corn and soy to name a few. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet with some wild caught salmon and clean chicken sprinkled in here and there. Because I don’t eat red meat (don’t like it) I feel B12 is a good supplement to take. Dr. Osborne’s B12 is easy to take, it dissolves and is very tasty so I remember to take it because I look forward to it. It’s been 3 weeks and my energy and mood has improved. Thank you Dr. Osborne, I trust you to provide the cleanest and most effective products for good health.

  6. Lourdes A.

    Great product, this B12 is of good quality. I am always low on B12 and taking this product I feel better and sleep better.

  7. Lucia S.

    My husband works nights and needed a pick me up…B12 works for him.

  8. Elba V.

    Ultra B12 has helped me with my nerves. Love it. I take it everyday

  9. Brenda R.

    I purchased this B12 to boost my red blood cell formation and improve nerve function. The little tablets dissolve easily in your mouth and have a wonderful flavor profile. I am noticing improved sleep duration and quality. I have also noticed an improvement in my energy level. The arthritic pain in my hands seems to have improved as well upon awakening.

  10. Elba V.

    I love this product for its ability to raise my energy level and to keep me motivated thru the day

  11. Quieta B.

    Great product

  12. Beautice E B.

    The BEST B12 is my favorite. It gives me lots of energy during the day, and helps me sleep at night, my vertigo is gone, being off balance was frightening for me to walk the streets, thanks to B12 it has improve tremendously, This is 5 stars. Thank you very much

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