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Ultra Pure Protein Unflavored

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5 reviews for Ultra Pure Protein Unflavored

  1. Sandy

    I find this Ultra Pure Protein Powder the best I have ever used. It blends nicely in my blender for the smoothies I make. It is also the first protein powder I can use with confidence. I am allergic to whey and peas which many protein powders are make of. I am very glad I found this product. Thank you Dr. Osbourn for a great product.

  2. Heidi Evans

    Keep it simple& you have with this AMAZING GLUTEN-FREE, GRAIN-FREE PROTEIN OFFERING!! I can actually tell that this living food product is healing my gut, therefore my brain! I plan to keep using& enjoying this product, to maintain overall great health! I appreciate being able to use it, to make my morning’s power smoothie into whatever flavor I’m wanting to enjoy each day. THANK YOU DR. OSBORNE!! Now go onward to read my review of Ultra Electrolytes. 🙂

  3. Susan B.

    Ultra Pure Protein Unflavored is 100% bone broth protein without any additives. It is comforting to know that I am getting only what is good for me when I make my protein shakes. I have many food allergies so I have to be aware of everything I eat/drink. This protein powder is the best I’ve found. Will continue to order.

  4. Janet Price

    This is the best protein product I have ever experienced, putting muscle on and I’m 72, know how to work out, I take digestive enzymes to maximum assimilation, I don’t eat grains or lectin veggies, no processed foods, so getting this clean unflavored product was a God Send. It is so hard to get enough clean meat in my diet on a fixed income, this product is affordable, I go through 1.5 jars in a month. Thank you Dr Osborn for all your hard work.

  5. janet price


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