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Ultra Pure Protein Chocolate

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7 reviews for Ultra Pure Protein Chocolate

  1. Sherrie Kinzey

    In the past the only protein powder I could find was always made with whey protein or it was a vegetarian type made from pea’s. Guess what…whey protein raises insulin look it up…I always get heart palpatations when my insulin shoots up (heart palpatations are an unusual reaction) so I had to stop protein powders & peas are not a complete protein. Finding this protein powder has been heaven sent.. But I was very skeptical about the taste until I read so many reviews saying how great they tasted. I then tried both the vanilla and the chocolate. Wow! There are no words to describe the fantastic taste . I have tested this on 4 different people they all agree 100% on the taste That It is awesome.

  2. Mary Ascher

    I have tried both, and I like the vanilla and chocolate Ultra Pure Protein much better for the flavor vs. the Warrior Protein.

  3. Aida

    Delicious and keeps me full for at least 5 hours! For richer taste mix with less water or coconut milk.

  4. Avery

    The only protein I am able to eat that is guaranteed gluten and whey free!

  5. Aida

    Excellent flavor that leaves you full.

  6. Cynthia Heatly

    Ultra pure protein drink is THE most delicious protein drink I have ever tried. Vanilla or chocolate mixes easily with coconut water for a refreshing drink and I freeze the chocolate to made a yummy fudgesicle-like treat!! ( in Texas) In Colorado it makes an amazingly incredible hot chocolate! The protein drinks are helping me to gain healthy weight for the first time in my life and especially after recent glyphosate poisoning when I lost 30 pounds and most of my muscle mass. I am enjoying it and am most grateful for healing. Thank you, Dr. Osborne.

  7. Deanna

    Love the quality

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