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Ultra Fiber

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2 reviews for Ultra Fiber

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    This product has QUITE a bit of “cleansing/detox/fiber” properties in it! For ME, I can only take it as a PRN type of supplement AND only use a 1/2 a scoop! Also, on the night I take it (maybe once every other week) I do it when I know I’ll be staying home the next day!! 😲
    Thx Doc.
    Oh, thought I’d leave a review/comment for the 3rd product I bought; HistAssist!
    That one, since it has OTHER supplements in it, I take it a few times a week, and only ONE!!
    PS…..I left a previous review in regard to the “B’vit”, but, I put the wrong email address in there. The above, beginning with “grace7..” is the correct one! So, when i get feedback from the other review in my other inbox (a Google account) I’ll just unsubscribe so I can get future emails in the “grace7” email address! Thx.

  2. Debra J.

    I’m so pleased with this fiber. It’s flavorless and easy to drink. I started feeling better within the first week of taking Ultra Fiber. I’ve been looking for a good fiber that I can take daily, and I’ve found it.

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