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Double D Bundle

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This bundle includes the following supplements:

  • Liquid D3 – Daily Maintenance of High Quality Vitamin D
  • Ultra D3 – High Potency Vitamin D to Boost Immune Function (protocol detailed below)

Vitamin D Therapy Protocol

The following protocol can be used to support the immune system during cold and flu season. You should consider seeing your doctor to have your 25 OH D levels (a simple blood test) measured as well.

This therapy has been used for years by doctors for many years and is very safe. However; it is contraindicated in people with kidney disease, sarcoidosis, or high blood calcium levels. If you have a kidney disease or abnormally high blood calcium, you should contact your doctor before attempting this therapy. You should also not perform this therapy more than 3 times per year without consulting your doctor.

How Much Should You Take?

For adults that weigh 150 pounds or more, take 150,000 IU/day (3 capsules) for 3 days followed by…100,000 IU/day (2 capsules) for 3 days…Discontinue.

For Adults under 150 pounds, start with 1,000 IU of vitamin D per pound of body weight for three days. Afterward reduce by half for three days.

For example: A 100 pound person would take 100,000 IU/day (2 capsules) for 3 days followed by 50,000 IU/day (1 capsule) for 3 days. Discontinue.

High dose vitamin D therapy is not recommended for children.

1 review for Double D Bundle

  1. Carol R.

    I love not needing to analyze ingredient labels from a known good site as well. I’m autoimmune and require mega dosing of D to maintain a good D level. My go-to place for a good clean accomplishment of same.

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