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Ultra Kids Gluten Free

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For many parents, the need for supplementation is obvious. Fast food, a mainstay for so many children, simply does not provide the nutrition that young people need. While supplements cannot replace a good diet, Ultra Kids, formulated for children, lower the risks associated with a poor diet.*

There are two sets of criteria that can be used to evaluate a supplement, which are not always satisfied in commercial brands.* Ultra Kids meet both of the following needs:

  • Parents are concerned with what is in the supplement and how it will benefit their child.
  • Children are primarily concerned with the taste and texture of what is being put into their mouths.

Contrary to popular belief, pleasant taste can be achieved without the empty calories of refined sugar. Ultra Kids are flavored only with a small amount of natural cane juice for a unique and pleasing flavor.

Many children’s multivitamin/mineral formulas contain only a few (usually 10-11) essential nutrients and have very poor bioavailability.*

Ultra Kids include 24 essential nutrients.

Only Ultra Kids’ complete formula includes the following important nutrients for children that others leave out.*

  • Chromium aids in sugar metabolism.*
  • Silica promotes bone, hair, skin, and connective tissue health.*
  • Manganese is important for sugar metabolism and bone and connective tissue health.*
  • Biotin promotes proper fat, protein, and sugar metabolism.*

What you don’t find in supplements is often just as important as what you do find. ULTRA KIDS are free of iodine, iron, and copper. With children, these nutrients should always be taken separately. When included in a multiple formula, they can oxidize the antioxidants and cause free radical damage. Additionally, iron
should always be taken separately as it competes with calcium and zinc.*


ULTRA KIDS are not only complete for kids, but offers a viable alternative for adults as well. Many adults do not like to swallow pills. For individuals who are in need of detoxification and are required to build up their dosage slowly, ULTRA KIDS offers greater control in dosing.*


ULTRA KIDS is an exceptionally pure product, using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients. These ingredients are combined in biologically correct proportions, with the natural transporters and cofactors necessary for maximum activity. This means much more active uptake and utilization.*

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the activity of vitamins. Consequently, vitamins need not be manufactured to pharmaceutical standards or tested for bioavailability. In fact, the tablet binders and fillers that can overwhelm or contaminate active ingredients are often not listed on the
label. This is a particularly important issue for individuals who are sensitive. We test our products to guarantee all label claims.*

ULTRA KIDS uses active vitamin D-3, eliminating the question of vitamin D toxicity.

The natural forms of the nutrients in ULTRA KIDS are suitable for people who are sensitive to the citrus products used in most chewable formulas; ULTRA KIDS does not contain rose hips or hesperidin (citrus) flavonoids.


Recommended Use For Children: Take (1) chewable for each 25 pounds of body weight per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Recommended Use for Adults: Take (1) to (8) chewable’s per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner. (8) Ultra Kids Chewable’s equal the benefit of (1) Multi-Nutrients.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.


The Science:

1. Subar AF, Krebs-Smith SM, Cook A, Kahle LL: Dietary sources of nutrients among US children, 1989-1991. Pediatrics 1998 October;
102(4Pt 1): 913-923.

9 reviews for Ultra Kids Gluten Free

  1. Allison B.

    Love this vitamin. My daughter asks to take it and usually wants more. Makes me feel better knowing it is truly gluten free with no added fillers and sugars.

  2. .

    My kids really like this vitamin. Because they both have celiac, I feel better knowing they can get good gluten free nutrition.

  3. ERIN A.

    My boys eat a healthy well rounded gluten free diet but I still wanted to provide them with a high quality supplement that is gluten free to assist with any nutrients they maybe missing. My 2 children ages 2 and 6 have been taking it daily for 3 weeks and they have remained healthy while many of their friends have colds. I think the supplement maybe helping and usually they do not like taking supplements but this one tastes great so they enjoy it. Thanks for this great product for kids!

  4. Maria V.

    My kids love this vitamin. When we are about to run out they tell me, “ mom, we need to go get some today” I like it because it clean and includes all necessary vitamins

  5. Angelica U.

    My daughter has no problems taking her vitamin. Cleanest vitamin out there for kids. No other compares !

  6. Angelica U.

    Super balancing vitamin for my kid! Love it!

  7. .

    I’m super curious about the other reviews because they are the reason I bought the supplement and because I love that they are completely clean with no fillers. I gave them to both of my daughters and they said they tasted awful. I felt like I needed to try them myself and I can honestly say there is no way I would even choke them down everyday. They tasted awful, and I was so disappointed because I really want to give my kids a vitamin I can feel good about and knowing there aren’t fillers and “natural flavors” in them. I hope this review makes it on here, because I have a hard time believing this vitamin has gotten all 5 star reviews and I think it’s only fair that people know that it’s not an all around delicious vitamin.

  8. Luigi P.

    My children love this Vitamin, they even ask me “where’s my vitamin?” when I forget to give it to them. Knowing that it comes from a source of integrity makes the decision an easy one.

  9. Kellie G.

    I give this to my 2 daughters as part of a healthy diet to ensure they are getting all of their nutrients.

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