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Kettle and Fire Organic Beef Bone Broth


100% Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

The Only Shelf Stable Bone Broth Made With Fresh, Organic Ingredients

Kettle & Fire is a nutritionally sound food for gut health, and because it’s very low in carbs and moderately high in protein, it is perfectly compatible with a NICHE diet.

We make our broth the traditional way, slow simmering it over low heat for over 24 hours, to infuse each sip with healthy bone marrow, collagen and amino acids.

And, thanks to $6 million of modern packaging equipment, our broth does not come frozen or require you spend $40+ on shipping for a product that goes rancid in 5 days.


Quality Ingredients

Every batch of our beef bone broth is made with marrow bones from 100% grass-fed, organically raised and pasture-grazed cattle. We also use all organic vegetables, sea salt and herbs to create the most nutritious bone broth out there.


Slow Simmered

If it’s not cooked for more than 24 hours, it’s not bone broth. That’s why our broth simmers for more than a day to extract all the flavor and nutrients our premium ingredients have to offer.


Tastes Incredible

Not only is our broth incredibly nutritious, but it’s also incredibly delicious. We worked with a team of classically trained chefs to make sure our bone broth tastes fantastic. Many even say it’s better than homemade!


Overall benefits of bone broth consumption

Joint health

Bone broth contains tons of collagen, the protein that makes up bones, tendons, ligaments and other flexible tissues.

Bone broth contains other proteins like gelatin, proline and glycine

Contains lots of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), including glucosamine, that are commonly taken as supplements to reduce joint pain and inflammation



The glycine and glutamine – both amino acids found in large quantities in bone broth – help maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall, preventing leaky gut.

Contains minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium from bone breakdown.

Benefits specific to Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

Fresh, never-frozen bone broth.

We’re the only company that has a fresh bone broth that won’t go bad, doesn’t require freezing and doesn’t ship with harmful styrofoam containers and dry ice.

To create our shelf-stable product, we use NO preservatives or additives of any kind. Our product is shelf stable because we leverage $6mm+ of packaging equipment to seal the package in a vacuum, so no air can get in and cause the product to spoil.

100% of our bones are from organic, pasture-raised and grass-fed cattle.

All ingredients in our broth are from organic sources

Cheap (or free) shipping. Because our product doesn’t ship frozen, we can ship anywhere in the U.S., often for less than $10. And, when customers buy 6 or more units, shipping is free!



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