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Ultra Aminos

…the food we eat, which means it cannot absorb the amino acids it needs from that food. This creates a deficiency in essential nutrients, which can further exacerbate issues related…

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Supplements for Gluten Intolerance

…real food? Of course you should eat healthy whole foods. But oftentimes, food just isn’t enough. In fact, research shows that removing gluten from the diet does not always correct…

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Testing for Food Sensitivities

…effectively You’re energized, feel well, and sleep easier You more easily and healthily digest, assimilate, and eliminate food. Common foods can overstress your immune system, without you even knowing. Prolonged…

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Can Gluten Cause Gut Inflammation?

…Eating a diet rich in processed carbs leaves less room for more nutrient-rich foods. Weight gain and obesity are common manifestations of consuming processed gluten free foods. These consequences can…

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Staying Gluten Free For School Lunches

Food Products (loaded with chemicals, preservatives, gluten in other forms, etc) Vs. Gluten containing products Send Real Food To School With Your Child Real food would be fresh fruit, meat,…

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B Complete – Gluten Free Vitamin B

…of various enzymatic reactions in the body. The modern refined diet is high in sugar, alcohol, and devitalized foods, which lead to lower levels of B vitamins. Stress, many medications,…

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IBS Linked to Gluten Sensitivity

food 21 times per week. That food is full of chemical food additives, potential allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc. Add to this the fact the most city water supplies are contaminated…

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