We’re going to be talking about the importance of love in your care. This is probably oftentimes one of the most overlooked components of recovery, especially for those of you struggling with chronic illness.

Pay attention to yourself. Being self aware about how you how you interact in your environment and how you feel in your environment. You should not be your own afterthought. Most of you moms are oftentimes guilty of this component of being an afterthought for yourself and try to take care of everyone else. So boundaries is another one that we see very commonly. Boundaries, not setting them clearly, not having adequate boundaries in, in that can be in relationships.
In honor of Valentine’s day, many of you are getting ready to take care of others. Getting ready to celebrate love as a whole. I think the most important love we can celebrate is being in love with ourself because it’s hard to know how to love someone else when you don’t know how to love yourself first. Self love is not selfish. Self love is the number one most important priority for you to take care of yourself.

Mindfulness – you hear this word a lot. Mindfulness is just being aware of what’s going on around you and what’s going on with you in the moment. And a lot of people are so preoccupied with worrying about the future or thinking about the past that there’s no mindfulness of the present. And so when you’re doing something like eating, for example, in, you’re not in that moment, then you’re not aware of how that food might affect the way that you feel might affect the way that you think. When you’re in, in a conversation, somebody you’re not maybe fully aware in tune with the way that conversation is going and how it’s making you feel. So being mindful about what you’re eating is one aspect about what you’re thinking is another aspect. Mindfulness about what you’re doing helps you to get feedback from your body. Remember, the feedback from your body is the mindfulness. It is the being aware. The first form of self love is paying attention to how the environment around you is impacting you in a good or a bad way and try to move yourself in a good direction instead of keeping yourself in a place that has the potential to deteriorate your health. I’ve seen this happen for so many people. I see it happen in their relationships where they’re not mindful of how another person drives them into an anxiety or drives them into a state of fight or flight. And so they stay there and that relationship may not be the best relationship. Again, whether that relationship is with is with a friend or whether that relationship is with a spouse.

Don’t be your own afterthought. This is self care. What do I mean by self care? A lot of you think that it’s noble somehow to sacrifice your own health and your endeavor to take care of those around you. And I get it, especially from moms. Moms are generally self-sacrificing. They’ll drive themselves into the ground to take care of their kids.

So you’ve got to keep that in mind because this is something that is oftentimes thought that if you take care of yourself first, that you’re somehow selfish. But I would argue that if you don’t take care of yourself first, you’re teaching those around you self-sacrifice, which is the opposite of love, right? The opposite of love is damaging yourself to protect care of another.
What should we prioritize? Number one is your food. Number two is your exercise. Number three should be your sleep. And number four really should be your stress management.How you’re dealing and coping with stress and how much you put on your plate. What happens for a lot of people when they develop chronic illness is these things are the first to go
And when they go, so too does your health.

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