00:00 – How do I accurately measure iron levels?
01:01 – Are lentils and beans safe or not?
04:15 – What can help reverse insulin resistance?
08:27 – If I’m hypothyroid and don’t have Hashimoto’s will gluten still affect my thyroid?
09:12 – Suggestions for eating gluten free while eating out?
10:19 – What’s a good way to evaluate hormones?
11:39 – Can hereditary hemochromatosis make the effects of gluten intolerance worse?
12:14 – How long do you have to hold off on supplements before testing for nutritional deficiencies?
13:30 – Can taking T3 be a problem if your adrenal glands are fatigued?
14:45 – Would you eat grass fed game if it was minimally fed oats?
17:17 – Can a DNA gluten test be used to determine nutritional deficiency?
17:50 – Why does my T4 show low?
19:00 – Can you discuss the relation between heat intolerance and gluten sensitivity?
21:00 – What does it mean when the “good” cholesterol goes up with the “bad” cholesterol?
21:45 – Gluten sensitivity is a state of genetics
22:55 – What can I do to improve low libido after cutting gluten out?
24:33 – What test do you recommend to discover if you have a gluten sensitivity issue?

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