More in depth research on meat glue right here:

What is Meat Glue? Is it Safe?
Meat glue is a type of industrial enzyme, often times referred to as microbial transglutaminase, pink slime, or meat slime.

New research has identified that eating meat glue can cause inflammation in those with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Unfortunately, many processed gluten free food items contain meat glue, and meat glue does not have to be put on the label.

It extends shelf life again and palatability and so is commonly used to enhance the texture of foods the mouth feel for food.

So again, it’s a highly processed industrialize enzyme is produced by a bacteria.

Meat glue is found in a number of processed food items.
It is commonly found in processed dairy, meats, ice cream, imitation crab and many others.
Restaurants often use meat glue in chicken, steak (filet mignon), fish, cheese, salad dressings, and more.

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