It’s kinda like Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in the gut should stay in the gut. But if you have a leaky gut, it doesn’t work that way. It gets into your bloodstream creating a major, major problem. So again, anybody taking estrogen, you understand that you’re increasing your risk for leaky gut. Why do women tend to have food allergies at a higher rates than men? And don’t forget that autoimmune disease is the number one cause of death in females.

What causes autoimmune disease? Leaky gut. What do females make more of the men? Estrogen. Now we’ve already known that there’s a huge disparity with autoimmune disease between women and men, meaning that men are less likely to develop autoimmune disease than women. And this is actually one of those reasons why. That estrogen perpetuates or can contribute to autoimmune disease through the production of leaky gut.

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