What Causes Fibromyalgia? More Studies Point To Gluten

If you’ve been following my research for any length of time, you know that I am passionate about sharing research that shares links between celiac disease or gluten consumption and a wide range of health conditions. Many don’t realize that gluten and celiac disease can be associated with a number of other diseases, so I feel compelled to share these links in an attempt to help you understand and advocate for your own health and to feel empowered with information that can help you make impactful and lasting changes to your diet, lifestyle, and quality of life. Today, we are discussing what causes fibromyalgia. And we are focusing specifically on the link between gluten sensitivity and fibromyalgia.

Tonight’s Topic: All about FIBROMYALGIA (1:00)
Common symptoms of Fibromyalgia (1:50)
How most Doctors define/diagnose Fibromyalgia (4:40)
Did you know women have a higher diagnosis? (6:10)
Testing for MYALGIA – Important to Differentiate (8:35)
What are some triggers of Fibromyalgia? (9:52)
Abnormal Pain Messages (10:00)
Chemical Imbalance (11:20)
Sleep Issues: Lack of Sleep (14:14)
Genetics: HLA-DQ patterns (15:06)
Stressful Events: PTSD (15:31)
Gluten Exposure in the Diet (15:55)
Correlating research between Gluten and Fibromyalgia (19:30)
Nutritional Deficiencies found in Fibromyalgia (19:30)
Magnesium (20:09)
B-Vitamins (21:57)
COQ10 (22:52)
Vitamin D (24:51)
Zinc (26:26)
Selenium (27:06)
Live Q&A: Answering your toughest questions (30:00)

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