What Causes Bone Loss? 6 Osteoporosis Causes Solved
If you follow the following bone health tips, you can be on track to better, stronger bones.

Six tips discussed for natural bone health to prevent osteoporosis include:

1. Lack of exercise and activity can lead to bone loss (osteopenia). Physical resistance activity and exercise is essential for building strong bones.
2. Lack of nutrition (vitamins and minerals) – Bone health is dependent on healthy nutrition. Vitamin K, D, A, calcium, boron, zinc, vanadium, B vitamins, vitamin C, strontium, and several other nutrients play a crucial role in bone health.
3. Lack of Sleep or sleeping at the wrong time can lead to hormonal changes that cause bone loss.
4. Lack of sunshine causes vitamin D deficiency and calcium malabsorption.
5. Chronic levels of stress releases steroids that break bone down.
6. Medications – steroids, antacids can both cause bone loss

The 6 tips above provide the solution for how to improve bone density naturally.

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