What functions does calcium have in the human body?

There are a multitude of calcium benefits in the body.

It’s a hormone signaling molecule known as a secondary messenger. Calcium picks up the messages from the hormone and delivers the message to your DNA.

You’ll have a dampened hormone response if you truly have a chronically low level of calcium in your diet. Secondary messenger hormonal problems are a common manifestation of calcium deficiency. That would be like having no calcium or very little calcium to deliver the proper message.

You never see or hear about calcium as an electrolyte, but it plays a role in nerves and muscle function. That’s where calcium deficiency can create hyper excitable nerves where a message might not be stopping appropriately, or it can create not enough communication so the nerve isn’t communicating as well.

Most of you’ve heard of the bone aspect, but very few may have heard of how calcium delivers the message of your hormones and works as kind of a missing electrolyte to help deliver the functionality to your nerves and the functionality to your muscles as well.

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