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In this video I cover Vitamin D Deficiency – The Ultimate Crash Course: The Real Truth About VItamin D
In this episode of Pick Dr. Osborne’s Brain, I dive into:

The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency including muscle pain, joint pain, autoimmune problems, allergies, frequent colds…
Additionally, who is at risk to develop a problem with vitamin D deficiency – African Americans, those taking multiple medications, those using sunscreen and cosmetics with SPF, and those who avoid sunshine.

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One of the best dietary sources to get your vitamin D is liver, but as long as the liver comes from a healthy animal.

Sunlight does not cause skin cancer or any cancer for that matter.

When ultraviolet radiation hits your skin, it converts that cholesterol into vitamin D and this vitamin D that originally has made in your skin is what we call inactive vitamin D. It’s not yet been activated.

So to kind of think of it as a two step process where our body is taking that vitamin D that’s produced in our skin, converting it once in the liver, converting it the second time in the kidney, at which point we have the active metabolite of vitamin D, the type of vitamin D that helps you absorb calcium from your diet.

So again, Sun exposure converts cholesterol, vitamin D leading to transformation in the liver and kidney.

So if you’ve got liver disease, if you’ve got kidney disease, if you’ve got problems with your skin, inflammatory problems in your skin, you’re at risk possibly for not producing adequate vitamin D from sunlight exposure.

I would tell you a glass of wine tonight is a sure fire way to damage your liver and to reduce your capacity to produce adequate vitamin D. And this is actually one of the reasons we see a lot of vitamin D deficiency is because so many people consume alcohol, all alcohol on a regular basis and think that it’s okay. And so what disease is associated with kidney damage, predominantly diabetes and diabetes, meaning elevations in blood sugar that can damage your kidney over time, reducing its capacity to convert inactive vitamin D to the active version of vitamin D. Or maybe you have a skin inflammatory condition and so your dermatologist is telling you to use sunscreen.

There I think today, 19 different forms of cancer that we know vitamin D deficiency could contribute to.

We know that vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle pain.

Dark skinned individuals are at greater risk because their skin, the pigment in the skin, it absorbs UV radiation and doesn’t allow for as a aggressive of a production of vitamin D. So if your dark skin, you’re going to make less vitamin D then if you’re light skinned, if we’re talking about minute for minute sunlight exposure, other people who are at risk for developing vitamin D deficiency, if you live above 27 degrees latitude, you’re at greater risk.

Well, did you know that vitamin D deficiency can actually increase your risk of developing diabetes?

The pancreas has a number of vitamin D receptors, they’re called BDRs, when you have adequate vitamin D and that vitamin D connects to those pancreatic receptors, it stimulates the production of insulin, which then can help you regulate your blood sugar.

So vitamin D is just one of the first steps in making sure that you produce adequate insulin to get the sugar regulated, to get your blood sugar regulated.

And so what vitamin D does is it tells the cells to absorb calcium.

And without vitamin D, these cells don’t absorb calcium very efficiently at all that your calcium absorption massively reduces to the point where it can create diseases like osteoporosis and rickets, which is a disease of children with vitamin D deficiency where their legs start to bow out.

If you take steroids for inflammation, if you take steroids for immune disease, if you take steroids for inflammatory bowel disease, if you take steroids for any reason whatsoever, you should understand that taking steroids lowers your vitamin D period.

I mean, vitamin D can help the kidneys but more specifically kidney disease can cause vitamin D deficiency.

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