Supplements Discussed in the Video
Vitamin D Options
1. High Potency vitamin D in 50,000 unit caps –
2. Emulsified Vitamin D3 drops –
3. Vitamin D with vitamin K2 –

Magnesium Options:
1. Cal/Mag –
2. Ultra Mag –

Vitamin C –
Quercetin –

Top 4 Ways to Overcome Stress and Fight Inflammation
Overcoming chronic stress in the new year can be a challenge with lock downs and politicians calling the shots. This video breaks down the top 4 ways to improve your health and overcome weight gain, inflammation, and chronic stress in 2021.

Additional Resources for you:
Adrenal Fatigue Help:
No Grain No Pain –

00:00 – intro and overview
02:02 – 4 ways chronic stress destroys the body
06:16 – diet
16:25 – sleep
39:06 – exercise
48:39 – sunshine
53:41 – Q&A

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