3 thoughts on “Thoughts on sugar substitutes, and other sugar questions answered!

  1. StacyRosman says:

    I eat every hour or two. I Peck. I’ve been eating like this my entire life I eat healthy things but I’ll go take a handful of small I will have small hands on whatever it is it’s healthy but just to keep my energy up and just so I don’t feel full and then gets hired I will pick all day long in fact this might be bad but I get up in the middle of the night and I eat something maybe one or two times so I live in overnight so they very light but I’d like to keep my metabolism going on and it’s just it’s become a habit I don’t know I like it and it makes me feel good

  2. Stacy Rosman says:

    I do not use sugar substitutes I don’t want any more I used to. Do you Splenda our trivia once in a while but I have stopped drinking coffee. I hear cough it’s good for your cough is bad for you but I do have a tremendous amount of energy and at times because I take on too much responsibility I can have some anxiety and coffee I don’t think it is productive for that so I basically cut out completely fake sugarI do have a big sweet tooth but I also have a lot of control so on occasion I will eat something that it is sweet but only once in a while. Yes natural sugar and fruits but I try to stay with Berrys organic berries. I drink a lot of water because there’s always different types of things added into all kinds of juices. I love Gatorade and after surgeries I do drink Gatorade. That’s another area I’m concerned about electrolytes and adrenal gland. But sugar I’m sweet enough I don’t need any extra sugar. Now I’m trying to make everybody else sweet I’m teaching them how to live in a state of gratitude ultimate Live in a state of peace, joy, happiness and gratitude. So they could be sweet to and not need sugar.I actually like the taste of food. I actually like the real taste of food even if it’s I love wheat grass. Sound

  3. Stacy Rosman says:

    Not Splenda hold on I got a look in my cabinet Stevia yes trivia and Stevia & monk From the fruits. Yes but truthfully I like the taste of natural food fruits anyway vegetables. What’s my tiny what’s your feeling about honey Dr.Raw raw honey?

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