Nutritional Supplementation Resources discussed in this video:
👉Ultra Nutrients (Premium Multi) –
👉Biotic Defense (Probiotic) –
👉Omega Max (Omega 3) –
👉Gluten Shield (DIgestive Enzyme) –

00:00 – intro and overview
01:38 – research studies analyzing nutritional status
05:09 – second study comparison
10:00 – research study review/essential nutrients
21:10 – gluten induced gut damage – a vicious cycle
26:34 – drug induced nutritional deficiencies chart
31:05 – 4 supplements that everyone with gluten sensitivity should take
40:33 – most important tests to help you assess your nutritional status
52:20 – The most important thing you can take away from the show
53:40 – Q&A


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