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Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency?
You might be low in zinc if you have these signs:
Women – hormone imbalance, infertility
Men – low testosterone, hair loss

One of the most common symptoms of zinc deficiency is loss of smell and loss of taste. Let’s say you have a zinc deficiency, and you develop this loss of taste or smell. What a lot of people do is they gravitate, at this point, to sugar and salt because they want to taste their food. A lot of the complaints of people with zinc deficiency are my food is too bland, I can’t taste my food.

Some of the medications actually designed to lower blood pressure, some of the medications designed to lower pain and inflammation cause a deficiency, and that is one of the big problems is as you’re trying to change your blood pressure with diet, you’re taking a medicine that alters your taste.

It makes you want to eat more sugar and salt and processed food because you can’t taste your food.

If you drink alcohol, zinc deficiency can come on really, really quick because alcohol inhibits zinc absorption.

If you struggle with hair loss and you’re having hair loss issues, and I’m not talking about autoimmune hair loss like Alopecia areata where you’re getting this big patchy-like hair loss on the scalp, big nummular round, circular areas of complete hair loss.

Poor immune function is a side effect or symptom of zinc deficiency. Another symptom of zinc deficiency is trouble sleeping. Zinc plays a role in the biochemistry of some of your neurotransmitters, so difficulty sleeping might also be present for many people with zinc deficiency.

A lot of the fertility issues get blamed on women, but zinc also plays a role in sperm quality.

If you and your spouse or you and your loved one are trying to have children and you’re not able to, and you’ve been told you have an unexplainable infertility issue, then it’s very important that both of you get checked for zinc deficiency because zinc plays a role in egg production and in the health of the egg, but zinc also plays a role in sperm motility and sperm viability.

Another symptom is irregular cycles or irregular periods in women. In women, zinc plays a role in progesterone and estrogen.

If you’ve got blood sugar swings up and down, hypo-hyperglycemia, those blood sugar swings, remember that one of zinc’s functions is it regulates insulin.

Zinc is the center point or think of it as the table centerpiece at Thanksgiving.

If you’re low in zinc, or your body doesn’t have adequate zinc, you could be producing an insulin that’s less effective and that can create an insulin sensitivity issue that can lead to blood sugar ups, downs and swings.

Those are the biggest symptoms of zinc deficiency.

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