There are a number of common surgical procedures that once performed can lead to long term malabsorption and nutritional deficiencies.  Common examples include:

  • Gall bladder removal (cholecystectomy)
  • Gastric bypass
  • Intestinal or colon resections

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How do you know whether fat malabsorption is a problem? Because fat malabsorption has multiple causes, accurate diagnosis should always be done by your doctor through proper exam, history taking, and testing. If you are experiencing chronic diarrhea, weight loss, tan or clay colored stools, foul smelling gas, jaundice (yellow discoloration of skin), you should talk with your doctor to further investigate.

The following tests can be helpful to help with the diagnosis:

  • Pancreatic enzyme testing to include lipase
  • Fat soluble vitamin deficiency testing
  • Endoscopy can help rule out celiac disease as a cause
  • Fecal Fat Testing
  • Imaging of the GI tract and abdomen to help rule out intestinal, liver, and gallbladder dysfunction
  • Genetic testing for gluten sensitivity

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