Here are 10 different ways that sugar can basically destroy your health. A lot of people talk about how sugar is unhealthy, but nobody really ever talks about WHY sugar is unhealthy.

I hope that when you walk away from this video you remember these big reasons to help you keep your dietary habits away from sugar.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. As your mom and dad probably used to say if everyone else was jumping off a cliff, would you follow them? That’s kind of the way our society works right now. Everybody’s eating sugar. So that means that everybody can eat sugar and then it’s perfectly okay yet heart disease and cancer and diabetes kill more of us virtually than any other condition. And sugar is linked to all three of those diseases. So I feel pretty strongly about not eating sugar the same way I feel about not eating gluten.

If you could just take two groups of things and have the best impact on your health overall would be eliminate sugar from your diet today. And it would be also to eliminate gluten if you are a gluten sensitive individual.

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