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It’s going to be a great 2020 and starting off the new year, I want to talk in detail about some strategies to help you overcome the bomb you probably just dropped on your body during Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Some of you may have eaten pristinely through the holidays, kept a gluten and grain-free diet, kept your diet processed food free, but maybe (like myself) you just overindulged, ate too much or ate a lot of food. Now it’s time to implement detoxification strategy number one.

So part one of strategy number one is called a flush. The flush itself is designed in a sense to give you a reset. A lot of times what happens, especially in females more than in males, is we get a constipation effect after over eating and after eating a lot of processed foods. So the bowels just kind of slow down and go on lockdown. It’s just kind of stagnant sitting there in our GI tracts, creating a basically creating a putrefication effect. So the food is sitting in us and it’s in an essence it’s rotting inside of us, and it’s not going anywhere because we’re constipated.

So the flush helps to reset. We’re talking about using vitamin C, so why vitamin C? Because vitamin C has antinflammatory properties. Vitamin C has detoxification properties. Vitamin C helps to boost glutathione. Vitamin C helps to heal the gut when it’s inflamed or a lot of different components and a lot of benefits to vitamin C, which is which is why I like to use it for a flush. One of the other impacts is that vitamin C works as an osmotic when we get the doses high enough in the GI tract.

To do a vitamin C flush, right, the first thing you need to understand about vitamin C is most forms are made from GMO corn. So we don’t want GMO corn based vitamin C when we’re trying to do a flush, we don’t want to put poison in to get health out, right? So we’ve got to be particular about the vitamin C that we use. I have a particular brand that I like to use called Detox C, which is actually from an organic African wild sweet or African wild potato, and is not GMO and it has zero corn in it.

The best way to do this is not with pills, it’s to use a Vitamin C powder. Powder dissolves easier. You can take it in much higher doses to generate a flushing effect.

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